Brand of shells?

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by green_head_getter, Dec 23, 2010.

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    I have shot about everything. From experts to drylocks, Kent faststeel, black cloud and hevi metals. I was hooked on blackcloud but decided since I always hunt timber they aren't necessary. My favorite load is the federal supreme 3" number 2's. Federal's are the best i'n my opinion and this is a good all around shell. At $17 a box they don't break the bank but are still good uniform pellets unlike that expert crap. Like shootin gravel

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    I'm a bu fan of Federal and Kent. I've patterned everything out there in the way of steel shot and they've done as good as stuff twice as much.
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    I wont shoot anything but Federal Speed Shok 3.5in #2 anymore. Have been shooting them for several years and love what they do! Recently bought a box of 3in Remingtons bc the store was out of my Federals, needless to say I was very disappointed! Couldnt hit s&*t, thought it was me but shot great the day before and on my next trip(back with Federals!). Sorry for the rant but didnt realize there could be such a difference in brand and half an inch!!!
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    Black cloud 3" 3's also.....Just bought some remington hypersonics in 3" #2's and they did pretty good I thought. 1700 fps which is kinda nice.
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    I shot the yo quiero el taco el cheapo Federal shells, you know the ones you can get for $80 a case:up:
  7. whatever I can find that is Cheap for that BPS 10ga! I am shooting Black Clouds right now, got a good deal on them :up:
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    black clouds and kent faststeel 3" #2's