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Brand New bow for Christmas/ help me nickname it........

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Had our Christmas tonight w/ grandkids and family; they got me a brand new 2012 Riot made by Mission Archery ( Mathews ); I am pumped; can't wait to get it rigged out; means so much to me b/c of the grandkids; they were more excited than me watching me open it; grandson 7 granddaughter 8;

This bow will be my go to from now on b/c of them; hope it kills many deer and turkeys; will try to kill my grand slam of turkeys this up coming spring with it; but now I need a nickname for her;

Give out some ideals. thank you and Merry Christmas.........................rem
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Congrats hope you enjoy
Congrats! Nickname I would say Mission Complete!
Congrats! Mission impossible!
Well it's a 2012 Riot so.... How bout Mayan, Doomsday, Nostradamus, The prophet, The Occupy bow, The protester, The 1%, Or the remaining 99%. lol Good luck on naming your bow & congrats.
From your original post it seems like you are leaning towards a female name so how about JOY. It ties in Christmas and your feelings for the grandkids. Kinda cheezy but it is a thought.

Congrats and Merry Christmas !


You are exactly right!! this bow has to------earn----- a nickname and that's what I plan to do; will get back with ya'll next year on this one; I won't forget and it will come back with a "earned" nickname; thanks for the lesson on nicknames; until a nickname is earned, I think I will call her "little Joy" b/c of the grandkids and that is also my oldest daughter middle name; thank ya'll so very much.................rem
Congrats on the new bow. My wife got me a Mission Riot for Xmas also. My first bow and I really like shooting it. Got a lot to learn. Enjoy these forums. Merry Christmas guys!!
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