Bragging post- My little boy's first deer ever

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by Zach Jaynes, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Zach Jaynes

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    Here is a photo of my favorite hunting buddy with his first kill ever. He got her on the second day of MG season in Fulton County on my grandmother's farm, hunting from a tower stand in the rain. We're going back this weekend in hopes of getting his first buck, or possibly another doe. He was using a youth model .223. She spun a half circle and folded up right there. It will be etched in my mind as one of my best memories EVER. I hope he will feel the same way when he is older. He is 5 years old and now LIVES to hunt! He's become quite a good shot. I would NOT want to be standing 50yds from him if I were a deer in his crosshairs!

  2. VALES

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    Congrats to the little guy....line him up on a buck now..looks like you may have a lifelong partner judging from the smile.

  3. 4hunting

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    You right, it is something you will never forget, nor will he. I have not even after all these past decades when my son got his first. That is what hunting is all about right there!!!!!
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    How can you take a 5 year old deer hunting? Can they fill your tags? I was wondering because my little cousin is 5 and we had heard he had to be 6 to go? Would like to take him but didnt know.
  5. crackshot82

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    Awesome job lil man!!!
  6. tourgide

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    man thats great !!!!!!!!congrats
  7. Zach Jaynes

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    It was/is my understanding that I am to tag it on my license for him, so that's what we did. I hope that is correct.:eek:
  8. Reaper22

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    congrats to u both
  9. 4hunting

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    Zach, believe it or not I am sitting here talking to a WO & he said you just fine in IHO, matter of fact you did the exact oppisite of what the reg's was put into place to prevent. It was not put in place for folks like you, it was put in effect to keep "NOT SUCH GOOD ROLE MODEL'S" to their kids from using them for extra tags. The kid's are not going to learn sitting at home! My son was sitting on the stand with me at 3, killed his first when he was 5 and by the time he was of what they consider a "Legal" age now, 6, he sure didn't need Dad's help at all. Enjoy the event with your son & don't sweet it, no one worth a grain of salt should ever say a word!
  10. Zach Jaynes

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    That's good to know 4hunting. Yeah I guess I can see where that would be a problem with some dishonest folks. I don't understand why some people can't just do what's right. That's a whole other topic though. I can definitely honestly say he took her all on his own. He had the gun on the shooting rail and I wasn't even touching it. I just keep my hand behind the butt of the stock just as an added precaution to keep the scope from popping him in the eye when the gun recoils.
  11. hortonhunter

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    Awesome :clap: Congratulations little man :up: Way to lay the smack down on a big ole nanny !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. cards05

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    Congrats to the young man. But just because one WO says he would look the other way doesn't mean another one will. I would be carefull and not admit to anymore violations on the internet.
  13. Thenarwhal

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    Congratulations to both of you, and great photo. I am a licensed attorney in good standing in the State of Arkansas. If you or your boy get a ticket for this I will defend you free of charge. It's great to see the youngsters out there getting it done.
  14. Juice

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    The rule does say 6, because it was abused by so many. I'm glad your son got his deer.
  15. Zach Jaynes

    Zach Jaynes Active Member

    Wow! That's quite an offer! Hopefully we don't have to worry about that. I was totally unaware of that rule. I actually called myself reading through the entire regs book earlier this year and I guess I just didn't catch that. I'll check it out, but I guess it's there since you guys say it is. I guess I can understand why. It just stinks for us. I guess I'll have to tell him daddy will be the only one holding a gun in the stand this weekend. :(
  16. mikebri

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  17. BDW

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    Man that's awesome...Congrats to the little man!!!
  18. marshmallow

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