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  1. rambored

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    I have raised Chesapeakes all my life, and at 71 have got, probably, my last dog. I duck less than earlier in my life, deer hunt a little, and grew up quail and woodcock hunting in South Louisiana. I am pretty sure that between my property in NE LA and area around my deer lease in Gurdon there are enough woodcock and quail to hunt. I am interested in other Boykin owners. Sam is 10 weeks old and from south east Mississippi. Sam.jpg
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  2. Hobbshunter

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    Those seem like cool dogs. Where'd you get him?

  3. AR1527

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    I really enjoy mine! She would have made a great retriever if she had an owner that knew what they were doing. She never really cared for ducks but I didn’t take her very many times. She absolutely loves doves and I’m hoping to get her on a few this year.

    Here she is in her prime

    But she’s busy being a couch potato now days.
  4. rambored

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    Red Creek Kennels South Mississippi
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    I really like what I have read about these dogs but don’t have any first hand experience with them. They can do a lot from retrieving to blood trailing, they’re tolerant of the heat and good with children. Very likely the next dog I will get.
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    She is 7 months old. Boykins have a lot of energy. She is real birdy. Great family dogs. My wife has spoiled this one from day one.
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    She’s purdy
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    Sam is 4 months today. Just starting to show a lot of interest in the squirrels and rabbits in the back yard. Has a REALLY good nose! Seems to like retrieving. Formal training starts soon. He needs more water time.