Bowtec Guardian or Matthews DXT

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by MichaelT., Jan 13, 2008.

  1. MichaelT.

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    Anyone have any experience with these two bows? I was considering getting the Guardian, but a couple of days ago I saw the DXT and man it's nice. I am just looking for other thoughts and wxperiences between the two before I buy.

    I have been shooting a PSE firestorm lite for 6 years, and my previous new bow was a PSE 12 years before that, so I don't chase technology or try to get the latest big thing, but I feel like it is about the right time to upgrade.... for a faster , quieter, lighter bow.

    Thanks Guys.
  2. Paul Jones

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    I haven't shot the DXT, but I have shot the Guardian. I liked it but it isn't a bow I would own. I just didn't like the draw cycle. I shoot a Mathews now, but its not because I'm a huge Mathews fan. I also like Bowtech and would shoot one without question. It just wouldn't be a Guardian. I prefer the Tribute over the Guardian. If you go with the Guardian you shouldn't have any trouble getting a gently used one. There are alot of them for sale. I was talking to a guy at the pro shop the other day and he's selling his guardian and going back to another bowtech. I think a tribute. Just my $.02.

  3. 257 weatherby

    257 weatherby Well-Known Member

    Just bought the DXT, it is awesome. Best bow I have ever shot.:thumb:
  4. Lgreen

    Lgreen Well-Known Member

    Cant go wrong with a Mathews. But i might be a little prejudice.
  5. I have the Guardian and the Commander. I love my Guardian. I went from the smoothest drawing Bowtech..a liberty and there was a huge difference. It initially felt like I was trying to pull back a 100 lbs. It took a couple of days and then if felt as if I was drawing back butter. I guess your muscles have to retrain to the different load during the draw cycle. You can't beat the no shock and quietness of the Guardian.
  6. MichaelT.

    MichaelT. Guest


    What did you have to give for your DXT if I may ask?

    I think Guardians are running around 650.00, and I know what they are asking for the DXT, but I want to know the going price in other areas.

  7. MichaelT.

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    I see you are form Lavaca... and last name Green ...... I wanted to PM you but your messages is not turned on. Can ya help a brother out? We may just be related in some way... All my family is from Lavaca and surrounding areas, and I sure know a Green or two. But for that matter, there are a lot of Greens to know around there...

  8. 257 weatherby

    257 weatherby Well-Known Member

    I bought it in Muskogee Oklahoma, it was $690, I know it is alot of money. But until you shoot one you will not understand how quiet and smooth it is.
  9. MichaelT.

    MichaelT. Guest

    sticker price here in El Dorado is 795.00.

    Thats a little difference in price tto take note of. Unless they will dicker in price, I may need to look around a bit.
  10. Houdini

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    I just got a Bowtech general..IT SWEET!!!!!!!! You might want to try it before you decide on a bow.
  11. MichaelT.

    MichaelT. Guest

    I will, but one thing I notice right off is the Bowtechs longer ATA.

    Guardian Specs
    Brace Height: 7 1/8"
    Draw Weight: 50-60-70-80
    Draw Length: 25"-30.5"
    Axle to Axle: 33 3/4"
    Speed MOD IBO: 317-325 fps
    Kinetic Energy: 82.11 fpe
    Adjustable Let-off: 65%-80%

    General Specs
    Brace Height: 8 1/4"
    Draw Weight: 50-60-70
    Draw Length: 26"-30"
    Axle to Axle: 31 3/16"
    Speed MOD IBO: 307-315 fps
    Kinetic Energy: 77.13 fpe
    IBO Smooth MOD: 300-308 fps
    Adjustable Let-off: 65%-80%

    Tomkat Specs
    Brace Height: 8.5"
    Draw Weight: 50-60-70
    Draw Length: 27"-31"
    Axle to Axle: 31 3/4"
    Speed MOD IBO: 307-315 fps
    Kinetic Energy: 77.13 fpe
    IBO Smooth MOD: 299-307 fps
    Adjustable Let-off: 65%-80%

    The tomcat is closest, but it is also the slowest.

    Matthews DXT

    IBO 322 fps
    Brace Height 7"
    ATA 29.75
    weight 3.75lbs
    Letoff 80%
  12. Arkie_3_fan

    Arkie_3_fan Well-Known Member

    You may want to check with Hunter's Refuge in White Hall. They usually have some of the best prices around on bows.
  13. whiteoak

    whiteoak Well-Known Member

    I have a Matthews so you know what I like,but I would try to shoot both as I am sure they both draw differently.:biggrin:
  14. Paul Jones

    Paul Jones Member<br>'07/'08 Bowhunting Contest Team Winner

    I could be wrong, but I don't think I would let the ATA sway my decision much. All of the bows you listed are considered short. I really don't think you will notice the extra few inches in most hunting situations. I really like my Switchback, but I'm glad its not any shorter than it is. Just my $.02 worth.
  15. Swamp Rabbit

    Swamp Rabbit Well-Known Member


    DXT is one sweet bow. I currently shoot an XT and love it. I shot the DXT and would buy it between the two. But since I have only had it for 2 years I will wait for another 8 to buy a new one. Not sure what prices are other places but I will tell you one place I do business with. Ruddick's Hunting Supplies in Morton, AR. I think the DXT there is $649. Don't hold me to that but I believe it is. They only sale Mathews and Mission bows. Small bow shop but huge customer service. Cecil will set you up on the spot and have you driving nails in the back of the shop before you leave. People drive all the way from Missouri to buy bows from them. Last time I was in there he was taking orders for more. He had sold like 17 in 3 days. So apparently the price is right. PM me if you want their number. I am sure other members like HC and Buzzbait will verify what I am saying. Good luck. They are all good bows, it is the shooter that makes the best shot.
  16. MichaelT.

    MichaelT. Guest

    OK I went back into the shop today and the sticker here in EL Dorado is 739.00 on a DXT. They might lower it a little , and I intend to find out.

    Thanks for all the help guys, and yes I would like to get the Phone numbers of the other places so I can shop and compare.
  17. Gford

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    they have the best prices in the state
  18. John Sanner

    John Sanner Well-Known Member

    Bought a DXT saturday morning at Micheals Men Store in Homer, LA for $669. Think he has a few left. Here is his Phone # 318-927-3333
  19. MichaelT.

    MichaelT. Guest

    What??? you live in Magnolia and you didn't buy anything from Steves???

    I thought it was mandatory to buy from Steves if you live in Magnolia....

    I work over there, for 18 years, but live in EL Dorado. I shopped at Steves a few times, but found everything so over priced that I just cannot stomach the place anymore. Last thing I checked on was Hornady ammo. I was buying it for 25.99 a box in EL Dorado, and the same ammo was 35.99 a box in Steves..... I will not go back.

    But anyway, thanks for the info and the Number... I'll check them out.

    Was the 669.00 sticker price, or out the door price... Tax??
  20. John Sanner

    John Sanner Well-Known Member

    $669 plus tax comes to $723. I put on a RipCord fallaway rest, got a peep and string loop installed, and got the bow tuned and it was $869. Now I have got to order some sights. Think I am going to go with the Copper John Dead nutts with the six pins.