bow yote double today

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  1. After seeing all the yotes yesterday I figured I would give it another try today. So I grabbed my bow and caller and went out to the field and clbed up in an old tree stand in a big tree that sits Olin the middle of that field. I turned the caller on and within 10 seconds I had 7 yote come out of the wood line. The male came in on a rope right up for an easy 10 yard shot. He fell dead. The female took about another 5 minutes before she would come close enought. I got her at 40 yards.
  2. 10pointman

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    Dang! Ol Btech aint got nothin on you!!! You are slayin em out!

    B might take some lessons from you.

  3. Allstar

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    Nice job. I can't get with in 200 yds of them the last 2 days.
  4. Adog

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    That's awesome! Nice work.
  5. mikebri

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    Good job:thumb:
  6. Thanks guys, but I am nowhere near Btech's level.
  7. 10pointman

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    Tim wells kills em with a bow too!
    But he can do it at a hunerd yards.

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    HARLEIGHDOG Well-Known Member

    Aw yeah!! Lay em out!
  9. Fetmo

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  10. Mtalbert

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    What kind of caller are you using?

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  11. Houdini

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    Looks like a gold tip 55/75 probably with a reaper on the end.....
  12. btech29

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  13. bmccullough1

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    Wow! Whipping up on those yotes.
  14. foxpro spitfire
  15. thanks guys. I appreciate it.
  16. rosborohunter

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    Great job Carbon. I have made 12 stands so far this year with zero results. Looks like I need some advice from you or Btech.
  17. kerrtw

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    Keep on keeping on CE!
  18. when you gonna come on over?
  19. Tink

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    Good job!
  20. Houdini

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    I read that wrong the first time.....
    I read it as...."what caliber.....".....

    Now my smart @$& comment just made me look like an idiot.....

    OH WELL.....AIN'T THE FIRST TIME......:shrug: