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Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by duckboy32, Dec 17, 2010.

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    I was thinking about bow hunting from the ground with out a pop up blind. Can this be succeful? Any tips for more success hunting from the ground?
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    i love me some bow unting......:fit:

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    I have taken 2 nice bucks from the ground, one during a snow storm and one during late season bowhunt. Stalking deer is a blast with the bow. Hunting during a lite rain or with snow cover are the only times I will hunt deer on the ground with a bow. I love heavy snow storms, most of the time the deer will bed up in heavy cover, throw on some good snow camo and start still hunting, just remember to move very slowly, stopping often to check the area around you. bow hunting from the ground is not easy, but alot of fun, and you see alot of deer. I do not still hunt the same areas as where I hang my stands.

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    Can be very successful. I've had better luck brushing the blind in really well and leaving it up so the deer can get used to it. My wife took her first deer this year with a bow from a groundblind at 15 yards.
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    On the ground, backed up in a thicket or cedar tree wearing a Ghillie suit is
    the only way I go anymore...only problem I've had is curious squirrels and dang
    birds looking for nesting material :cool:

    Be prepared to get locked down if you not careful about you cover...spent
    almost 3 hrs watching 5 doe, a forkhorn and a nice 8pt chase each other around
    an old dry pond bed this a crick my neck and a sore butt and arms
    from sitting so long, so still...never got close enough but it was still worth the
  6. put the blind up and wait a week for them to get used to it. I have had pretty good luck with cutting into pine trees as well on the ground. Use the limbs you cut of to use as a blind in front of you. I have had them within 5 ft of me.
    As far as the blind goes. Once they get used to it being there it is VERY effective. My wife hunts out of a blind more than she does a stand. My cousin took the biggest buck of his life out of a blind in kansas. They do work. I personally have never hunted out of one.
  7. dash4cash

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    Guys, he said WITHOUT a pop up blind.:biggrin:

  8. oh :censored: I did not catch that. In that case. When I hunt on the ground WITHOUT a blind. I get in a pine tree, Cut some of the branchs and put them on the ground in front of me to help break up my outline. Plus the pine really helps with your scent.
    If your planning on doing some spot and stalk. Well with each deer I have approach the method to get close has been different. But just watch their head and move when its not facing you.
    Hunting from the ground can REALLY be exciting. But it is a lot harder than hunting from a tree. IN MY PERSONAL OPINION. Good luck with how ever you decide to do it. Keep us posted on how it works out for you.
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    Absolutely doable! I bought blinds and treestands this year for the first time because the funds allowed it but I haven't sat in either. The advantage to be able to play the wind at any spot any time is worth the disadvantages. I take all my deer from the ground by just using whats in the woods. I almost always have a tree on one side of me but its not always doable. 2 large trees that are a couple feet apart is great. I'm in a chatty mood tonight so I'll give some examples...
    My first one this year, I took my 8yr old and we sat in the middle of a field that had a 7X7 patch of buck brush that is about 2ft high. Number 2, I found several cedar trees about 7ft tall in a line along a fence, I broke the tops over and had about the best blind you can have. Should of taken 2 there that time but my some got tickled after the shot and gave up our position :biggrin: Number 3, sitting at the base of a huge tree with some branches about 4ft away..bleat call..he came running. Number 4, 2 funnels came together at the top of a ridge in an open thicket about 300sq ft...sat beside the only tree big enough to lean against right in the middle of it and the deer came in with me...4yd shot
    I'd say the worst downside is if your selective of what you shoot. I'm usually situated to where if a deer comes in it will see me eventually, if I don't shoot it. All the deer above would have seen me eventually.
    I thoroughly enjoy the up close encounters..when I'm in the woods, that's the only thing on my mind. I don't text or play games, I'm never not aware of whats around me and a deer will seldom ever sneak up on me..and thats only when its windy. If your not the same, it may not be the way for you. A good start for a beginner from the ground is to get some camo cloth to hang from something you want to sit behind. Gorilla actually sells one that has stakes that adjust up or down and it rocks...cost $20 and worth every penny. But its only to cover your slight movements. Once your up for the challenge, leave it at home. If your after Mr. Big and you nab him sitting behind a bush, you've done something!! Just be creative, and no sudden moves whatsoever. Good luck
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    From the time i was 10 until the time i was able to drive thats the only way i bow hunted. I killed several does, but everything has to be perfect you have to know where there goin to walk out before they walk out and be unbelievebly quiet, i once had a deer spot me when i was drawing on her because she heard my arrow rubbing against my whisker biscuit. but man i really think that it has helped me be a better bowhunter today.
    p.s. it can be :censored: agravating at times lol
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    I was brought up gun hunting off the ground. I got my first bow when I was 16, and I hunted the first couple years without a treestand. It was tough, but it was fun. With all my inexperience, the deer were pretty safe.

    I've killed a couple off the ground now. Blinds help, but they're not totally necessary. The biggest help is today's short bows. I can sit flat on the ground and shoot my bow now. Couldnt do that when I started.

    Placing the deer exactly where you need for the shot becomes critical when you're not totally concealed. Not only do you need them at that spot, you need a big tree or bush right there for them to walk behind so you can draw.

    Bring a saw or some snippers to brush yourself up a little bit. Not a popup blind, but I really like hunting under cedars. Cut out a hole in there to sit in, pile the branches in front of you. Leave plenty of branches sticking out on your side. You can see the deer through them, but they wont see you.

    I picked up a crossbow to use for backup when I want to hunt off the ground now. Did that a few times this year in spots where I didnt have a tree ready. Worked out real well.
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    Hunting from the ground is the only way i ever hunt. Good advice has been given. Know where the deer are gonna step out, have something to hide your draw. I do the cedar trees also. Took my first buck with a bow sitting on the ground. I love the close encounters and have had deer right on top of me. Had a doe stop right in front of me and looked me over real good while I was in a cedar tree hole. You can't make a move and don't look them in the eye. She walked off to my right and turned and came back across and out in front of me about 20 yards, she put her head down and I drawed and shot right over her back :banghead:
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    I grew up hunting from the ground. It wasn't that long ago that was the only way to hunt. My grandfather took us in the woods told us to stand there and and don't leVe or move till I come back... So we leaned up against a tree and funny thing is it worked... Now I only had a recurve that didn't fit had to much poundage for me and bare bow... But from the time I was eleven till the time I was sixteen I killed a lot of deer.. I'm proud of all of them even though I'd get laughed at by today's stAndards.. I'm sitting in a ground blind now as I'm typing this. I like them because you can take your wife, kids, or a friend along and afford a little movement. They are portable and light and alot of places I hunt you can't get a stand in any of the trees.. Well that's my two cents. So good luck, hunt safe,be ethical... Dt150