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This is the QAD UltraRest LD. I had it on my old bow but bought a new Diamond Marquise and the RollerGuard arm is in the way of it. So if you have one of the new Bowtechs with the RollerGuard/String suppressor arm it probably won't work but haven't checked any except my Marquise. I bought the rest this summer and it has no more than 30-40shots through it. $60

This is the sight that came on my bow. Never touched a screw or pin on it except to take it off and put on a new single pin moveable sight. 5 pin sight and the pins are super bright. Make me a decent offer and its yours.

This is the rest that came on my bow. Has alot of shots through it but there is no visible wear to the rest. Same as above make a decent offer and its yours.
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