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  1. Paul Jones

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    Hey guys I killed a bobcat this afternoon. I'm new to predator hunting, but I can tell that its very addictive. Actually I think I'm already hooked. Another hobby or obsession is just what I need. :smack: I've taken several bobcats over the years, but this was the first one I've called up. Well actually its the second one I've called in but I missed the other one just a couple of days ago. This afternoon I sat up between two thickets that were about 75 yards apart. I sat up here because I had saw some bobcats earlier in the year while bowhunting and it was open enough between the thickets to see a little ways. I slipped in and sat my caller and decoy out, and then I waited about 5 minutes before I started the first calling sequence. Well about 45 seconds in I saw a bobcat slipping through the edge of the south thicket. He stopped, spotted the decoy, and then charged in toward the decoy at a fast run. I had the decoy about 40 yards from my position and I shot the bobcat when he was about 10 yards from the decoy. He dropped in his tracks, but then quickly got to his feet and my follow up shot put him down. Or so I thought. I let things calm down and then continued calling as it was to late to move. I went to retrieve my bobcat about 20 minutes later and found that he was still alive. I hated to, but I had to give him another round. His pelt isn't in too good shape now, but atleast there's one less bobcat in the woods. I'm definetly not happy with my bullet selection so I'd like to hear what yalls recommendations would be. I'm hunting with a .223. I had a blast this afternoon and I can't wait to go back. Here's a couple of pics. Sorry for the long post, but this is my first predator while actually hunting for them.


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    Man that is awesome. That is quite a feat to get a bobcat on your first stand. And for your first called in kill. All it takes for you to be hooked is to call something in. Even if you didn't get it. Welcome to the club, that is the predator hunting addicted group.

    Keep it up. :thumb:

    What bullet's were you using? I have been using nosler ballistic tips and hornady hollow points in my AR so far this year. The ballistic tips are opening them up like a can o whoop !@#. The HPs are good but I did have one pass through at 25 yards. That yote fell in his tracks though.

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    There is a support group for that addiction. The meeting times and locations change.

    Meeting times--Whenever you have the urge and time to hunt with a buddy.

    Meeting location--Where ever there are predators.

    You must bring your favorite call and a firearm for the meetings to be effective.
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    NE Ark
    I was also wondering about your choice of bullet. I use the 55 grain Nosler Ballistic tip at ~3100 fps. As cj said, they will do a number on any predator you shoot them with.
  5. Paul Jones

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    I can't find the box for my shells right now, but I know they weren't noslers. I think they were just soft nose winchesters. They have a small lead tip on them. I remember that the box said varmint rounds for thin skinned game such as coyote. I got very little expansion out of them though. They were almost like shooting FMJ. There performance on this bobcat makes me wonder if I actually missed the one a couple of days before. :smack:
  6. Paul Jones

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    Hey I just found my shell box. They are Winchester CXP1 varmint rounds with 55 grain pointed soft point bullets.
  7. Cjdavis618

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    I suggest you save those for hogs and deer. The hollow points and ballistic tips are the best way to transfer the energy put them d.r.t. :thumb:

    I have the best luck with the bulk ammo in my AR. (At least until I started reloading) Now I have a couple of pet loads. :wink:
  8. BuzzBait

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    BIG cat down...Congrats.....:thumb:
  9. :thumb: what kind of caller did you use, and most importantly what kind of AR is that?
  10. Hip

    Hip Well-Known Member

    ive never predator hunted, but want to try so I have to ask some dumb questions. What decoy are you guys using? Will the same decoys work for cats and yotes?
  11. Cjdavis618

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    Yes, these decoys work on all predators. They see food, and the first one that gets there gets to eat.:wink: I use a Foxpro Jack in the Box, also have the "Whirling Woodpecker". You can see all the calls and predator hunting goodies at

    I can tell you that the bigger the topper on these decoys, the more intimidating they are to smaller animals like fox.

    Also you can use a white feather and tie it to a surrounding limb or something. That works really well and it is cheap.

    As for calls, a kitty cat squeaker from the pet department works pretty well. :thumb: If you can find one that isn't bright pink. :rolleyes:
  12. I deed! I deed! I deed taw a puddy tat!!:eek:

    Congrats on a nice cat!:thumb:
  13. Paul Jones

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    I was using a Foxpro 3 caller and I'm not sure what brand the decoy is. Its not a foxpro jack in the box. It plugs into the caller and moves when the caller is calling. You can adjust the sensitivity which controls how rapid it moves. It resembles a small squirell with a long bushy tail. I went this morning, but didn't have any luck. There were some guys duck hunting a little to close to me. I didn't know they were hunting until after I got set up. They let out about 12 rounds and the wind made it sound like they were right there with me.

    The AR is a DPMS Panther Arms with a 16" stainless bull barrel. Its topped with a 3x9x40 Nikon scope. I think I need to tape up the barrel though. It has a little too much shine.
  14. Lgreen

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    Hey Paul, nice job on the cat. I called in a small cat for a guy and he shot it with a 223 made what looked like a great shot the cat just fell over the guy jumped up and was like did you see that I smoked him when we looked back the cat had ran off never to be found. I know he was shooting soft point rounds but not sure the brand. I shoot hollow points out of all my predator guns with good luck might give them a try.
  15. TheBattman

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    I like Sierra Game Kings or Hornady v-max bullets for on-game performance...
  16. Paul Jones

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    Thanks for the bullet recommendations. I think I'll either try some ballistic tips or hollow points. I definetly don't like the soft points that I have now. I read on the box that they are for predators and varmints, but my experiences tell me otherwise. :smack:
  17. retnuhreed

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    Here kitty kitty

    Nice cat, look forward to your next pic!
  18. Buba Garrett

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    Nice job Paul- good cat too I am afriad to try this Predator hunting cause it does look addictive!:thumb:
  19. Paul Jones

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    Thanks. I can promise you its addictive. I can't wait for this weekend. It will be the next chance I get to go. :smack:
  20. Cjdavis618

    Cjdavis618 Well-Known Member

    How do you rate the excitement of predator hunting versus Deer hunting?

    I found that after I started this, seeing deer was an afterthought. It is just so much harder to call these old dogs and cats in. They are worth 10 B&C bucks to me. :thumb: