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Discussion in 'Campfire' started by jjarvis0007, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. jjarvis0007

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    Did anyone else hear what Bob Costas said regarding the murder/suicide with the Kansas City Chiefs player Belcher? He was quoting someone who he said he "doesn't always see eye to eye with" but with handguns he did! If Belcher couldn't have gotten ahold of a handgun that wouldn't have happened!? Lock them down and hold them tight people! It's getting worse by the minute with the anti gun folks coming for us. So much for the 2nd Amendment. Media will be media but it's sickening that the world focuses on handguns and not the murder/suicide instead.
  2. JR

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    I cannot stand Bob Costas! I will never forget one year during the opening night of the Olympics when the only member representing a small country was introduced he mouthed off sarcasticlly "like they have a chance of winning anything." I haven't liked or had any respect for him since.

  3. btech29

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    He's getting his rear end ripped on Face Book. What a moron.
  4. JR

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    And on other websites that I visit.
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    I wonder if he gets his wrist slapped from NBC? I'm sure they share the same feelings. Here is the video.

  8. RC

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    I saw it as it happened. According to Bob when he finished his Liberal anti gun speech I was supposed to shoot the TV with my .380. Cause that's all handguns are for is when people get up set they have a sudden urge to find one and take care of the problem. Thankfully I was able to keep my cool and the TV is OK.
  9. sam

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    Just about put a fist into the TV when that came on.:mad:
  10. yarnammurt

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    I could not belive what I heard, I had to rewind and listen just to make sure I heard it right.
  11. wildgameassassin

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    I know that crimes involving guns give guns a bad names but Anti-Gun Idiots like Bob make it 100 times worse.
  12. jjarvis0007

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    He's getting flamed everywhere now! Wonder if he'll apologize?

    Someone said "Don't turn tragedy into something to push your agenda!"

    That's exactly what he did too!

    I know he didn't write the actual words but used it to push it across to the main stream public. I'll no longer be watching him at halftime on Sundays that's for sure!
  13. beltcutter

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    I saw it and came unglued on my television. Costas is obviously the newest fool in sports, with more to come of course.

    What if a star NFL quarterback and his family had been killed by a drunk driver last week, and the story was all the news yesterday. The drunk driver in question had all but overdosed on Bud Light. Would Costas have come on the air last night at halftime blasting beer and calling for the end of it? You bet he would not have, he wouldn't have a paycheck if not for Budweiser. The problem does not rest with Ruger or Budweiser; the problem lies in the condition of
    a man's heart.
  14. GWHunter

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    Not the newest. He's been at it a long time. You're right though, there is more to come.
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    there is some good comments over there.
    here is one.

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    I made my opinion known and will stick by it. No SNF will be watched at my house.
  17. BDW

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    He's a liberal blathering idiot.
  18. tkcampb1

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    Costas needs to shut his pie hole.
  19. BIG JIM

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    So...If the guy didn't have a hand gun He wouldn't have been able to kill his girlfriend or himself?? :smack: Idiot..
  20. BigRon501

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    i did the same thing.... made me pretty mad!