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Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by bloody acorns, Dec 22, 2010.

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    The post of junior samples after he got eaten up by his mud motor made me think of something that truly happened about three years ago.

    A good friend and co- worker was laying down in a boat to get out of the wind like most of us do on a cold day coming out of the timber . He was facing the rear of the boat laying on his back. The boat his a log and severed his spine at the neck - he knew it instantly and even went as far as telling his friends not remove him from the boat til the life flight got there. This happened on the ditch behind Ashbaugh on the Black river.

    My friend is now paralyzed from his nipples down - he continues to work and still deer hunts - He has taken the whole situation better than most men but I would have never imagined that someone could be injured so severly riding while lying down . So if you are going to lay down in the boat at least face the front .
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    A similar thing happened to a friend of mine as well...only with less tragic results. He was laying in the front of the boat with his head towards the front of the boat, against the small platform step at the front of the boat. The boat ran straight into a tree and my friend slammed into the front step, head first. He knew immediately something was wrong with his neck, but he could still move, just alot of pain. Went to the doctor - he had fractured two of his vertebrae in his said he was very luck not to have damaged his cord. I will never lay down in the boat like that now. Accidents happen fast - seems like people forget that sometimes.