Boat camo painting

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  1. I have a 1648 flatbottom I need painted camo, have seen post on here months ago need contact info.
  2. duckdodgers

    duckdodgers Well-Known Member

    camo boat paint

    call gene at metro camo 501-472-6578 in greenbriar he just painted my boat in natgear and it looks great

  3. pointman

    pointman Well-Known Member

    Thomas, you ever squirrel hunt at Black Swamp with Irby?
  4. Thanks for the info. Looked at his facebook page, will contact him.
  5. Matthew.loftis

    Matthew.loftis Well-Known Member

    Also, Cuz Outboards does a fine job usually a little cheaper than the local competition.

  6. jactur

    jactur Well-Known Member

    Check out Spankys Custom Camo on Facebook, located in Conway, he does a great job!
  7. medic22180

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    Isnt that guy a conway fireman?
  8. wellington_123

    wellington_123 Well-Known Member

    If you want a quality camo job go to metro camo. I wouldn't recommend Spankys Custom Camo he painted one of my friends boats he dident use any primer and the paint Texture was like sandpaper.
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  9. natestep

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    I dont know Spanky, so Im not sticking up for him but primer has nothing to do with the texture. The olive drab I use comes out ruff. If you ever get a chance feel the paint on a military vehicle. Alot of good strong paints have the texture.
  10. wellington_123

    wellington_123 Well-Known Member

    after about the 10 time he used the boat the paint on the floor was coming off.
  11. jactur

    jactur Well-Known Member

    I don't know the situation with your buddies boat but I am sure if he had a problem with it then Spanky would make it right.
  12. Baldeagle

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    Spanky does use primer...not sure where you get your info. I've watched & helped him paint several boats with NO issues at all.
  13. kgreen

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    Spanky has painted two boats a motor and trailer for me and everything was great

    I would recommend him to all
  14. spankycc1965

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    This is Spanky I tell everyone that I do work for that I will back my work 100% If I have a unhappy customer then they need to bring the boat back. I still paint in the same place. If they are unhappy they need to bring it back, not have a friend bad mouth my paint jobs with out letting me know they are unhappy. I also use the same primer as everyone else that paints boats and I use it on all the boats I painted. The Texture at time can feel rough but I haven't had anyone tell me they didn't like the paint. Again I would like to say I'll back my work 100%.
  15. spanky how much do you charge for a war eagle 1542 to be painted in nat gear and do you have a facebook page like metro camo has.
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  16. jactur

    jactur Well-Known Member

    The best way to get a quote from Spanky is his Facebook page SpankysCustomCamo, you can also email him at
  17. spankycc1965

    spankycc1965 New Member

    I can be reached at the two address listed above. I will not post prices on the form. But email me you number and I would be glad to discuss it with you.
  18. GotPork

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    SPANKY is in the House!!! Quick Story. I live in Little Rock, was huntin in Texarkana 2 weeks ago in the middle of nowhere and drove down to a river where there were 2 guys in a sharp Camo Toyota! It looked Real Good, & he said this guy named Panky or Spanky or somethin like that from Conway painted it but he didnt have a phone #. Dont look like I need a # now, I got an email address. Dang good job on the Yota, Ill be checkin out the website:up: