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Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by HollywoodCole, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. Alright fellas, I know the place is full of mallards and Ive heard too many great BBDH stories to not come check it out. Paint is almost dry on my 40 horse and I just picked up my new 25hp decals. Calls tuned, robos charging. Three of the boys is headin down at dark to be first in line. Other 12 of us will be there at 3. I'll be the guy in the black Fx4 pullin an excel if anyone wants to come say hi
  2. waterfowler15

    waterfowler15 Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't put that out there bunch of stuff been happening to people's trucks down there happened to my buddy 2 weeks ago.

  3. Passthrough

    Passthrough Account Suspended

    He will be fine....he has out of state tags. No one messes with those guys..............:whistle::whistle:
  4. Go ahead and mess with my truck, just make sure you have a slip with your emergency contact info as well as preferred hospital. Passthrough come say hi, I'll show ya how out of state I am
  5. WILDMAN44

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    Hollywood Cole is the new Jesse James of the waterfowl forum I guess.

    I was planning on going in the morning. Glad I saw this thread so I can sleep in now. I'd hate to have a black eye for Christmas pictures.
  6. 10pointman

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    Yeah,sounds like it dont it?
    Lots of internet bada$$es around here.:D

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  7. Bryanjones

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    This should be hilarious. Which launch u gonna be at again? I might just come to see the blast off.
  8. Passthrough

    Passthrough Account Suspended

    Ha. Never hunted BM, never will. Just messin with ya.
  9. jdrake19

    jdrake19 Well-Known Member

    Can I hunt with y'all?
  10. Wild man I'm the nicest guy you've ever met, no badass here. But I'd get mean real quick if someone was tearing up my stuff.
  11. Absolutely
  12. waterfowler15

    waterfowler15 Well-Known Member

    Man I'm not lying or trying to mess with you I'm being dead serious cuz I would be mad if someone even leaned on my truck wrong, I'm 100% serious my buddies truck really got some stuff done to it.
  13. No, waterfowler I appreciate the heads up. But I got a couple in my group that'd much rather knock someone out as mess with some ole mallards. They'll sit there all morning if there's even a slim chance they'll get tune up some BBDHs. Be an early Christmas present to them
  14. Razorback123

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    You gonna be there in the mornin?
  15. arkyduckboy

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    I hate when junior high kids have iPhones. They can post whenever they want. :smack:
  16. Duckboy I'm actually a junior in high school, no "grader" here. Come over and introduce yourself. Guarantee ya I've got the fullest beard you've ever seen on a 16 year old
  17. BDW

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    I'll bring a casserole.
  18. jdrake19

    jdrake19 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for letting me join your group. Do you have any 16ga steel shot I can borrow?
  19. Drake I've got an extra 12 gauge if ya need it
  20. Don't forget your face paint