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Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by bottomlands, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. bottomlands

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    Have y'all heard of these yet?? Sounds pretty good if it actually would work at the 100 yard range he mentioned. But I still would prefer the nocks to light up when shot instead of turning it on later to! Any thoughts?
  2. juleo

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    I want to see one of those $60 arrows they are talking about. High end broadheads are $40/3 pack. Lumenoks are between $8-$10/each. Who the heck is spending $35 for a shaft and fletchings?

  3. meatgravy

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    This is an interesting concept. Won't be long and they will affix some sort of similar device that has quills or something that would attach itself inside the animal on contact. They could call it the deer dog app, the blood trail app, or maybe the anti-woodsmanship app.
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  4. juleo

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    They used to make that thin long string that attached to your arrow that would spool out when shot and make it somewhat easier to find your arrow. It was before my time but I remember seeing old rerun bow hunting videos of guys using them.
  5. bottomlands

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    Maybe they're adding in for their $25 nock!
  6. SwampCat

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    There was a product out a few years ago that mounted on the shaft right behind the broadhead and had a hook in it that was supposed to attach to the skin of the animal when you shot it and then you could track it with a receiver that had lights that lit up the closer you got. I actually purchased one - but could never get it to work. The transmitter always seemed to end up inside the animal instead of hanging to the skin on the outside. We were working on a similar device using a transmitter designed for tracking monarch butterflies - but ran out of money. Someone is going to come up with a realistic working bluetooth product, like those "tool finders". The question will still be more how to place it on/in the shaft and get it to attach to the animal. I believe the technology is currently such that a device could be made small enough, light enough, with enough reliability - but the method of delivery is in question.
  7. amhoon77

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    there are plenty brands of "high end" broadheads that are $99 for three. not advocating them but just to help you understand the possible arrow prices they were talking about

    Solid brand broadheads come to mind
  8. Gford

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    Weight on front of arrow good!....weight on back of arrow bad! Just saying!
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  9. I like the concept, but I get a pass-through every single time I shoot a deer. All it would do would be help me find my arrow, which a lighted nock will do the exact same thing for cheaper, without the reliance on a phone Bluetooth signal. Now, if you shoot Rages and only get about 6 inches of penetration every time you shoot a deer, having a Bluetooth nock sticking out of the animal might help you with the tracking job.
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    NE AR
  11. bottomlands

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    UH OH
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  12. bottomlands

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    I watched a few different videos on it and never did catch the weight of it!
  13. Gford

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    40 grains
  14. Allenn

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    I actullay used one of those prob around early 2000's had real good luck with it didn't affect arrow flight within 30yds . Only problem was it looped when you shot so if you had limps real close you took a chance of snagging one .
  15. faithfularcher

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    That and it sounded like a covey of quail flushing when you shot it .
  16. bottomlands

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    Oh wow, more than double of a normal lighted nock!
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  17. They have tracking chips for dogs I'd think it'd be easier to use something like that.