Blowing up beaver dams....

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by luckless, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. luckless

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    Who has any experience doing this? We have a couple on our lease that I need to make disappear so we can clean out some duck holes in the timber.

    I've been watching a few YouTube videos of people blowing up with 30 and 40 lbs of tannerite. Anyone used this method?
  2. I havent used tannerite yet but seen the videos. I may try it someday. I looked into getting an explosive licence and its a real drawn out process and you have have a special storage box. Several trappers have license and may blow them for a fee.
    You might talk with the landowner or managing company and see if they will help. But I can almost guarantee they will want the beavers trapped or shot for removal.
    There are sites that tell you how to make bombs but its illegal without a license and I have often wondered if the gooberment tracks those sites. After the NSA stuff coming out then I am pretty sure they do.
    They used to allow for small purchases of dynamite but I believe they no longer allow that.
    I would check with a trapper or timber company that has an explosive license.

  3. Buckrub

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    Find a large farmer.

    Well, not a large farmer, but a farmer of large tract. I'd bet he has license.
  4. luckless

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    Thanks for the feedback.

    Landowner is on board with the blowing up of the dams. We don't really want to trap out or kill the beavers though. Since the timber isn't flood controlled - they are out only hopes of holding water in the timber through season. I just need to drain it long enough to do some cleaning.
  5. Then you good to go. Wait until late spring to blow them. If we have a dry summer then you will have time for the ground to dry enough to get them with a tractor. I did a bunch in mine a few years ago and even though they appeared dry the dams were nasty mud inside. Late summer is a good time to do them but its miserable hot.
    For mine the beaver were quick to rebuild as soon as we got rain.
  6. I worked in agriculture for a short time in the early 90s. I had blown up quite a bit of stuff while in the Army, and I helped some farmers blow up several beaver dams. You could buy dynamite back then. In most cases, the beavers built the dams back in the same spots. I did blow one dam out of a tanker car used as a massive culvert. In this case, I was able to get my shot down to the very base of the dam. We used three of those fat sticks of dynamite and taped them up on a long pole which I was able to jam into the dam on the low side. It probably had 6' of water on the high side. When that charge went off, it shook the ground. The farmer looked at me with wide eyes and said, "Good Lord!" It damaged the dam enough that the high water washed all traces of it out of the tank car. I bet it would be very difficult for you to get the explosives these days, and I have to add be careful trying to improvise the shot. Some of the homemade stuff can be very unstable. I would dig it out with a back-hoe if possible.
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    My experience with beaver dams tells me if your not willing to trap/kill the beaver, your wasting your money. They can repair a badly damaged dam overnight. I would for sure wait for a dry stretch. Those critters can sho-nuf build a dam overnight!
  8. Cache_Swamp

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    I've blown several dams it's a heck of a lot of fun but you have to follow the steps out every time the same exact way or you'll end up in a ziploc bag for a casket. My old man had an explosive license ever since I can remember we still blow em every year. Just gotta be careful that's always #1. If you find the beaver house you can trap it or blow it as well of they are in it you won't have to worry about them anymore either. Good luck man
  9. Delbert

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    If you dont catch the beaver out, they will build back within a week.
  10. keyman157

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    I've blown a few up while in the army. Place your charges on the deep water side as deep as you can get them. The water will help push the dam out. We used tnt for blowing dams because C-4 was too fast. Be careful when going back to check your work. You are probably going to have a bunch of pissed off snakes to deal with. You won't really be accomplishing much until you get rid of the beavers. They will have it built back in a couple of days.
  11. rteague77

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    a lil nitrate and some diesel fuel will work.
  12. hunt4meat

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    kill the builder, then remove the dam. It makes no sense to remove the dam, and let him build it back tomorrow, does it?
  13. screaming eagle

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    He's just wanting to do some cleaning up then let them build back. You can blow it but then you'll have to keep tearing down when they start building back. be a lot of work but can be donee, then you can let them have it back. I been wanting to try some of that tannanite.
  14. luckless

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    Yes. He is our "flood gate".
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    Now a fellow that did it in a river run. Blew a hole big enough to run a boat through. Said he went from 1in to 2in on top so it be easier to hit. Had his utube link on my old phone but its in bottom of cache river:smack: Although his river run wasn t on cache:up:
  16. Cache_Swamp

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    If you wanna kill the beavers out trap them, or notch a small hole in the dam where water is running over, come back that evening and waste em
  17. I will knock a hole in the dam but make sure it's when there isn't a lot of water . They will come to repair it. Right at dark is good. I have killed about 600 in the last 5 years with a 17HMR and 22WMR.....from some timber management companies that's more then their trappers get.......yes I was out in 20 something degrees last evening looking for them. Gonna do a morning run tomorrow.
  18. Cache_Swamp

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    Man when our beaver eradication program started here in Woodruff county back in 99-2000 we killed 30-40 a night. I was 13 I think I killed enough one spring/summer to buy and pay for a brand new $6500 four wheeler lol. We killed over 1000 that first year. Back then they were everywhere $10 a pop! Now they're kinda slim but $20 a pop. Always fun huntin something that pays!
  19. 1928

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    My wife's cousin paid his way through school trapping beavers about that time. He trapped around Scott and behind Russell Chevy in North Little Rock. Old man Russell paid him for the beavers.

    Him and his dad would blow dams around Scott. They would set the charges on the houses in the morning. Then come back at lunch when the beavers were in the house and blow them up. He said you had to watch for falling snakes. He said there would be beavers and snakes all in the trees.

    They have some great stories. Apparently if a culvert is stopped up on both ends you can't drill a hole in the middle, drop dynamite in it and blow it out. It makes a big mess.
  20. Cache_Swamp

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    Yeah man that's about what we did. Be beaver/pieces of beavers and cottonmouths all over the place sometimes though. I've got some pretty funny videos of it on my phone. Just gotta be careful and get behind a big tree those beaver sticks are hard on a fellow if they were to hit ya. I like catching em when the rivers are high, and they'll be laying on top of the houses or on floating logs. Pull up and start mowin em down w buckshot and AR lol