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Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by Bucksnbirds, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. Bucksnbirds

    Bucksnbirds Well-Known Member

    ok i have a problem with my goose hunting, im 14 so i cant afford a layout blind and i am hunting geese on winter wheat. Does anyone have any ideas for a blind that will actually blend in instead of sending birds in the other direction? HELP!!!:banghead:
  2. derk8586

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    not sure if this will work in your situation but u can get camo burlap and turn the camo side down with the brown facing up. Cut a bunch of wheat or tall grass that will blend with the area and ziptie bundles of it to the burlap until its thick and jsut looks like a solid grass mat. then u just roll it up and put a bungee around it. And use it kinda like a layout, more like a blankey u can lay under. Hope this helps. Ive used this technique on levees that have no cover and zip tied poles to each end and made a standup blind agaist the levee to keep a low profile with the levee and get behind it.:up:

  3. Bucksnbirds

    Bucksnbirds Well-Known Member

    thanks thats a good idea
  4. armyguy

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    ask Permission and see if you can dig a small hole to lay in. cover up with a green sheet:thumb:
  5. Bucksnbirds

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    i was thinking about digging a hole that is long enough for me to lay in and get a really light peice of plywood and put glue all over it and covering it with dirt, then putting a few rows of fake wheat on it and laying it over the hole and leave my head out of the hole??