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Discussion in 'Huntin' Dogs' started by tatter, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. tatter

    tatter Member

    spoke with curtis ladner on the phone the other day and i'm going to mississippi to pick up my puppy bout a week aftr christmas when theyre ready. anybody on here have or had any of these ladner bmcs? i'm pretty excited about it
  2. John E.

    John E. Well-Known Member

    Yes sir, I bet it turns out to be a dandy. I have a year old gyp that is Ladner bred and I think a lot of her. Have been hunting her pretty regularly on squirrel and am really happy with what she is doing.

  3. Oakhill

    Oakhill Well-Known Member

    Ladner BMC's make great tree dogs!

    I had a real good male about 20 years ago.
  4. jwalker

    jwalker Well-Known Member

    I've had and been around a lot but not tree dog kind the hogdog kind they are definetly game a buddy from school had a pair of ladner catch dogs we stuck prolly 300+ hogs they caught !! How much are the pups I'd like a male pup if they got anymore.
  5. Lbmc

    I had one about 15 years ago. I made a squirrel dog out of it. NO!, It made a squirrel dog out of itself. It was built like a pitbull dog and beautifull! It would smell and squirrel and walk on its back legs with its nose in the air winding the squirrel. I loved it!.. Wish I had another like it.
  6. blackmouthcur

    blackmouthcur Well-Known Member

    Had a straight ladner male pup. Completely house broke him in 3 days and by 6 months he would sit, stay, crawl, or retrieve a specific toy all by hand commands and was baying hogs In the bay pen. Greatest dog I ever owned but lost him to parvo at 8 months. Broke my heart honestly and im not the type of guy to get attached to a dog.

    HORJUA Well-Known Member

    I spoke with him the other day, and i am on the waiting list now. He has 2 litters of pups coming.