Black and Tan Squirrel Dog. $1500

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  1. He is off GRCH GRNITECH 'PR' MINEHARTS WALKIN TALL & 'PR' HAGOODS BLACK BETTY. Born 05/01/2011. He is Perminated nominated in Performance Program if you wanted to Comp hunt him on coon in UKC. He is a small framed real thick muscled hound with real good looks. Has a real good mouth. Locates with a screaming ball and then chops at the tree. He is a little loose at the tree at times,but stays within 5 to 10yds. He gets gone quick off the leash and husltes to get treed. He is very accurate. About as far as he has ever got is 400yds. Most times he is in 100 to 200yd range. He minds real well. Does not trash on deer or hogs, etc. Not gun shy at all. I have shot probably 75 to 100 squirrels to him. I have coonhunted him 2 times. Both times he got treed under a coon. Never opened on track just falls treed under a coon. I have hunted him by himself almost everytime he has been out. I didn't hunt him all summer and first time out killed 7 with him in a little over an hour. I have a few videos of him I will link also. They are old. I believe he was 7 months old in them. I will not sell him off the chain or on trial. Come hunt with him here or I will come to your honey hole if in reasonable distance.

    Reason for Selling: I have too many dog and more pups on the way. I need kennel space.
    If your on Facebook I have a few videos of him also. Look me up Keith N Kandy Pennington. Sheridan, Arkansas.
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    Holy moly, you're selling my dog?? Lol

  3. Come check him out one morning, You will like him.
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    Heck I need to come see what kinda daylight dog ole Betty produces
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    Me and my buddy Wade bought him. The description was spot on. Would recommend Seller to anyone looking for a good dog! A very nice man!