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    Here comes some more bird people

    Jefferson County - A rare hummingbird took a wrong turn in his journey down south and ended up in a Jefferson County back yard.

    The BroadBill Hummingbird was found in the backyard of Chester Branch's home in White Hall.

    The Audubon Society says the bird species is usually only found the southern tip of Texas, Southern Arizona, and parts of Mexico.
    This is the first time the bird has never been seen or recorded in Arkansas.

    (Chester Branch, Discovered Bird) "To me it's just a little hummingbird, the other people are the ones that are excited about it. To me he's just a little hummingbird we're feeding in the back yard."

    Branch and his wife are expecting bird experts at their home next week to capture the bird and to help return it to it's natural habitat.

    Thing they will turn that yard into a management area?
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    I ain't telling nobody about the male and female IBW's that were in my backyard this afternoon!! Ain't showin' the pictures of 'em either!! :cool:

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