Bird Dog Kills Hunter

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    Bird dog steps on gun, kills hunter

    Wed Jan 9, 8:59 AM ET

    HOUSTON (Reuters) - A Houston-area man was killed in a hunting accident after his dog stepped on a loaded shotgun in the back of a pick-up truck, triggering a blast that pierced the vehicle and the hunter's leg, a local sheriff said.
    Perry Price, a 46-year-old math teacher, shot a goose on Saturday then put his gun in the back of the truck where the dog was waiting to retrieve the bird.

    "I've been in law enforcement 20 years and this is probably the strangest one I've had," said Chambers County Sheriff Joe LaRive.

    Investigators found paw prints and mud from the dog, a chocolate Labrador retriever named Arthur, on the shotgun, LaRive said.

    Price was taken to a local hospital, but died from a loss of blood after doctors were unable to revive him.

    (Reporting by Anna Driver in Houston,
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    Wow. You just never know. . . .:frown:

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    Lay your shotgun down on it's right side (ejection port down) and put the safety on around dogs. One, it keeps mud out of the reciever when the dog steps on it (and they will) and two, when they step on it, they push the saftey "on" instead of "off." Better yet, just keep your gun away from your retreiver, they're hard on guns.

    When it's your time, you go.
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    Or just don't put a loaded gun in the bed of a truck.
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    Ding, Ding, Ding....... We have a winner!!!!

    I really wonder if the story is true, or just more internet BS. Seems like I see a story like this several times a year. Either way, it might make someone think about safety.
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    The story was reported not only on the internet. My only question is what is it with the hunting partner? I have never goose hunted, but the story said that the hunter just shot the goose, and then was going to let the dog out of the truck to retrieve the goose. Huh?
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    True story, and it does seem like there were a lot more accidents this year than usual. :frown:
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    Anyone ever thought of putting your gun in a case??? :confused:
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    Sad story.......

    Gun safety is paramount.......

    Gun should have been unloaded before it was laid down. Best wishes to his remaining family.........

    Hopefully his death might help save the lives of others who read this story........