Bill's Wife needs your prayers

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  1. My friend and project manager I work for - Bill - needs prayer for his wife. I knew that she was having some serious health issues, but only today did he tell me that she is under long term treatment for some liver disease.

    They have no cure or medicine for this so everything is experimental. If it doesn't work or a transplant can't be found she will die. The treatments use chemotherapy of some kind and each one makes her terribly sick. She started losing weight last May or June and the diagnosis was just within the last few weeks. Bill is a Christian and his oldest son just came back from Iraq so they've gone from one life treatening situation right to another.

    Please remember Bill's wife and Bill as you go to your prayer time.
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    Prayers Sent.:thumb:

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    Prayers sent
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    Prayers sent
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    Bill and his wife will be in my prayers.....Dear Lord please comfort this family as they wait for a cure, I ask that your hand lead and guide them through this difficult time. I ask that you pour your blessings out upon them. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.
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    Prayers for your friend going out.