Biggest fish I have caught so far in my life

Discussion in 'The Trophy Room' started by jamesparson2005, May 26, 2017.

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  1. SwampCat

    SwampCat Well-Known Member Lifetime Supporter

    That is a good'un. Now you have something to shoot for. Congrats.

  2. Nat1

    Nat1 Well-Known Member

    Nice one James.
  3. crappieitis

    crappieitis Well-Known Member

    It's part whale and part catfish
  4. claytonsdad

    claytonsdad Well-Known Member

    Way to go James! That will be some great eating there!
  5. HEVI D

    HEVI D Well-Known Member

    Nice fish! Congrats!
  6. crackshot82

    crackshot82 Moderator<br>2006 Photo Contest Winner<br>2007 Pho Staff Member

  7. tmeredith

    tmeredith Platinum Member Redneck Slum Lord

    Good job! That's much bigger than anything 7 point has ever caught!
  8. y hunt

    y hunt Super Moderator Staff Member

    I bet that one gave you a good fight. congrads!
  9. Luv2hunt

    Luv2hunt Well-Known Member

    Great catch!! Congrats. I must stay though your the youngest looking 47 yo I’ve ever seen. What’s your secret?
  10. Mr. Chitlin

    Mr. Chitlin Administrator Staff Member

    NE Ark
    He hasn't logged back in since he made the post.
  11. Luv2hunt

    Luv2hunt Well-Known Member

    Guess he just needed to brag or hasn’t caught another fish. Lol. Thanks
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  12. jmbknvc1

    jmbknvc1 Well-Known Member

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