Big white co. buck??

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by odocoi, Oct 1, 2011.

  1. odocoi

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    Anyone heard anything about a big droptine buck killed in white co?
  2. odocoi

    odocoi Well-Known Member

    got a picture texted to me last night and it is a real good buck. the mainbeams and brow tines start out typical but when it gets to where the g2's would be both sides explode into points. Probably 16 scorable that I can see. Could be 140-150" deer.

  3. jnjrup

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    lets see the pic!
  4. odocoi

    odocoi Well-Known Member

    not my deer and even thought I know the guy I don't have contact with him to ask his permission. Maybe someone else will.
  5. swampdonkey01

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    Heard the GW was in that area! Checking on so possible poachers...
  6. odocoi

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    I don't even know the actual area, just heard outside of beebe/mcrae. Wonder what the GW found out?
  7. firefighterlank

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    Anyone have any more information on this deer and what is going on with the GW's?

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    I am not a poster I am just a nosey reader HAHA! However do know the the guy and he was paid a visit by the GW two of them actually after the neighboring land owner called them. A complete carcass check was done and they determined there was no problem and that it is 100% ligit. Never heard of a big deer being killed in Arkansas that there wasnt a poaching story about HAHA!
  9. buck n duck

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    The deer was skinned and quartered before the game wardens even got there. The only thing the game wardens could check was the neck and they said it wasn't cold. The game wardens looked into it for several hours and finally said "there is just no proof the deer was taken illegally". I will tell you this though, by 7:30 which is only one hour after legal shooting time the deers butt was all ate up by coyotes, the deer was also very stiff and all the blood on the exit wound was dry. Let it also be known that there was a deer hunter in his stand at 6:00 and all of this transpired within 25 yards from him. So the question is do you (any hunter reading this) think that a deer can run up and die within 25 yards from your stand and coyotes come up and rip his butt up and you never hear or see anything? What the game wardens, police, or any other type of law enforcement know and what they can prove is two different things sometimes.
  10. what time was the buck killed
  11. I'd like to see some pics as well..:up: Sounds like the neighbor had some issues and called the law, law came and checked it out and everything was clear.. Congrats to them..:up:
  12. sounds like this buck was shot alittle early
  13. buck n duck

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    The buck was allegedly shot at 6:30 opening morning. Somebody pm me your number and I will send you some pics to put up. I am on my I phone and don't know how to post them.
  14. so this great hunter said he killed it at 630 it ran and died under ur stand and then something came and ate some butt and u never saw it or heard it

    i just dont understand how some people can do this and then pose for a pic let me guess this hunter kills a big deer everyyear
  15. kmc06005

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  16. will someone please post a pic of this poached drop tine deer
  17. THExONE

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    That's a real trophy butt. Definitely and booner...
  18. Do you have eyewitness evidence that this deer was poached or just hear say?? GF sent not 1 but 2 officers over to check it out and they couldn't find evidence to prove it was poached and we all know that your guilty until proven innocent with them..:skeptical:
  19. THExONE

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    You joined today to specifically post in this thread. What is your dog in this hunt? Which one of the people involved are you?