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    Hey guys, i know im new to this posting thing but i more of a reader. haha but i do have a quick question. i spend most my time bowhunting on our lease down here and up in kansas, but this year i wanna change things up and do a little tent camping and bowhuntin on some public land down here. One of the places ive got my eye on is Big Timber WMA, but its hard to find anything out on the internet about it. anybody got any information on it? and is moro big pine as poor of hunting as ive heard for a bowhunter? just off season curiosities
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    I only buy big timber permits to shotgun hogs, went two weeks ago and we killed two big sows. I bet it is some good deer hunting down there, don't know what the pressure is like during deer season though. Early bow season I imagine is loaded with cotton mouths and skeeters.

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    It's pretty tough to bowhunt Moro unless you can find natural funnels created by sloughs and creeks. You'd likely be better off going a little farter E. to the NWR in that area to bow hunt. Lots of sloughs and creeks = lots of funnels.:up:
  4. folks are tight lipped about....

    the deer hunting down on Big Timber WMA...and it depends on area you are looking at hunting....I have kin folks who live up there and have a camp in the area and they kill some nice bucks every a good number of deer and some big bucks in there.....I'm going on a freezer filler hunt there before the season closes.....hope to have more info for you:up:
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    My brother has killed two dandy's from BT- including a double drop tine buck. The guys he hunts there with have killed some wall hangers as well.

    It is pressured during gun season but it seems like most people stay close to the logging roads. Get away from the crowd closer to private land and you can do some good.

    I've been there once and saw a few deer. It is a great looking place though.
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    I have been trying to find out about Big Timber for some time. It seems that a lot of the people who hunt it are in leases around it and use it as their secondary stands and almost treat it like part of their leases. I have the maps, but it is a difficult to get a grasp on. I hope to find someone who is familiar with where to park and such, but everyone is tight lipped about BT. This may be a good thing. Maybe there's a lot to be hush hush about. :biggrin:
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    Yea it looks like its got the potential for holding deer from what i can tell, and from what yall are saying. Gotta find out if there is a campground on it or not and some other details. Is there enough land away from roads to really treck deep into it? thats how ive always killed my deer. Shot a 158 10 point in kansas last year that i didnt find until this year and a 140 8 point about a week later that didnt run 100 yards on a lease that 4 to 7 bucks are shot off yearly with guns, becasue i like to get wayyyy back, so im lookin for a place that i can get away.
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    I have hunted big timber most of my life and know the areas well. There is a section east of Arkadelphia that is across the Ouachita river. It has a railroad track running through it. This would be a good place to start. The area in the Bierne bottoms is good. A lot of the timber has been cut but still has some good bowhunting areas. A lot of the area is in The BLACKLAND region that encompasses a lot of SW Ark and stretches into NE Texas just beyond Texarkana. The ground is conducive to growing big racks and age is the only factor that determines if a buck is a whopper or not. Not sure about the camping but there are a few spots designated for it. They are marked on the map you get with the permit. I almost hit a MONSTER with my truck back during Nov. He was at least 140 and still don't know how I managed to miss him. I would bowhunt it from late Oct till gun season begins but when it does the Orange army moves in the pressure is heavy. Be sure to abide by the game laws. You Will get checked by a warden if you hunt.
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    ok sounds good. thanks. ill probably hunt the sections closest to arkadelphia cause of the distance, so ill definately check that out. i wanted to take a half day off work thursday afternoon and do some walking and looking in the snow to try and find some trails and funnels, even tho their in winter pattern, it never hurts to see how the deer travel after the pressure of a few months of hunting. thats where you find their "safe houses" as i call em.