Big Timber WMA

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  1. New to Arkansas but I went and got my license and Big Timber WMA permit. does anyone have any advice for this WMA? and is anyone else on here going to be hunting out there this year.
  2. rosborohunter

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    You really don't want to hunt there. Especially between Alpine and Arkadelphia. There are zero deer and thousands of hunters.

    Yep, that is where I hunt.

  3. aaronh

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    I hunt the degray community part of big timber for the past 5YRS
  4. 25/06

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    I havent hunted there in several years, but since you didnt much responce here goes. I only hunted around Gurdon. There was a good number of deer, but there are alot of hunters. Bowhunting wasnt to bad though.
  5. Joe blow

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    I used to hog hunt it with dogs before the game and fish made the punishment so harsh for hog hunting with dogs on WMAs. We caught 76 hogs off of it in 3 months at one point and that was mainly hunting weekends. I used to deer hunt it some and I always saw deer. I would just walk to the edge of a thicket and sit on the ground near a trail.
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    My familys farm is right down the road from some of Big Timber WMA. The section of it thats in between arkadelphia and Curtis. We always do pretty good and see alotta deer so i figure that its pretty good. Ive never hunted it though, but if theres deer on our place then there should be on Big Timber.
  7. rosborohunter

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    It's been slow so far. I've spent about 14 hours on it so far and passed one small doe.
  8. firehunter

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    Hey even though you're a REDDIE I'll help anyway I can. I live in Arkadelphia and have been here too many years to admit to. I know parts of Big Timber well.
    Randy at 870-403-6117 BTW GO Tigers!!!!!
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  10. Been bow hunting in there several days already this year and only seen a handful of deer. There has been quite a bit of clear cutting in the area I hunt over the past couple of years and a fire in mid August that burned 800+ acres nearby. Big Timber is pretty large and broken up into different areas. I do agree the number of hunters has grown significantly over the years and it seems the deer are getting more scarce and the hogs more prevelant. Lots of predators as well, which no doubt hurts the deer and turkey population.
  11. BDW

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    Lots of deer in that area. Just find you a good trail in a thicket somewhere.
  12. y'all do any good up there?
  13. Its been slow for us so far as well
  14. I ain't been down there yet,but the local folks been doing ok.....