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Big sis looking for a gun

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My widowed older sister is looking for some guns. She wants a pump 20ga. youth shotgun and a 22lr snubby. She wants me to take her to a good gun store, but honestly I don't know where to take her. I've not been anywhere in Conway or Little Rock that's impressed me with their inventory, but don't want to drive real far. I remember someone saying there was a good place in Russellville, but can't remember where. Also she lives in Bentonville and I remember being pretty impressed with Sportsman's warehouse up there.

She said she wouldn't mind getting something used if I knew I could trust the person she was getting it from.

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make the drive to your sisters and go to the Warehouse. :thumb:
Sportsman's Wharehouse has lots and lots of guns for her to hold, fondle, and fall in love with. Prices are so-so. The staff there is hit-or-miss; sometimes there's folks there that know something, other times they don't. A good place to go and look. Mayber figgure out what she likes there, and then shop around a bit...
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