Big Green Egg

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  1. twodoes

    twodoes Well-Known Member

    How many Big Green Egg cookers do we have amoung us?:thumb:

    RAZOR_DEER Well-Known Member

    I wish I could afford one, those things are the most awesome cooking grills out there. You can do some spectacular things with a BGE:up:

  3. twodoes

    twodoes Well-Known Member


    At my age, if I think back at all of the grills I have been through, A BGE would have been a lot less expensive and cooked a lot better food!
  4. melhuntin

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  5. twodoes

    twodoes Well-Known Member

    large one,I don't think you need the extra large!
  6. Shwack

    Shwack Well-Known Member

    My boss has one and swears by it. I would like to have one but the price scares the crap out of me. I would recomend the largest one they make, since the cooking space is limitied.
  7. gotyacovered

    gotyacovered Well-Known Member

    I have one... If you are using it as a smoker go with the XL... Just grilling you should be ok with L.

    I have thr XL and would buy a bigger one if they made it.
  8. ksf04001

    ksf04001 Well-Known Member

    I have been looking at them (and trying to talk myself into buying one) for a couple years. What makes them so much better than other grills?
  9. twodoes

    twodoes Well-Known Member

    They are ceramic(no rusting out),They can get very hot in any weather,or they can cook all day long on very little lump charcoal @ 250 degrees, the temp is very easy to regulate, it is simply the best smoker/grill I have ever used or seen.
  10. gotyacovered

    gotyacovered Well-Known Member

    he summed it up very well, to add a few things:


    it is expensive on the front end only, just in charcoal and wood alone it saves you big time in the long run.

    you can take it from 200* to 700* in a few minutes and visa versa.

    i have smoked a 15 lb brisket for 16-17 hours and not added charcoal, just wood

    i smoke a lot of pork shoulders and have done one as long as 20 hours and it didnt even get close to drying it out

    i have smoke beer butt chickens for 7-8 hours and not dried them out

    it will cook you the best 2" ribeye you have ever tasted

    if it breaks (other than from droppage) it has a lifetime warranty

    with the eletric starter you can be cooking burgers/steaks or smoking in less than 20 min

    i have had mine for about 5 years, so i can literally get it going, but a chicken, pork shoulder, brisket, turkey and leave... not touch it for 5-6 hours at a time and have nothing to worry about

    in short (for smoking) it has all the advantages of an electric smoker and none of the disadvantages except starting the fire.


    its not big enough (i have the XL)

    hard to clean out the ashes

    if you dont double check the chimney after opening/closing it, it will open slide open, with its design it will get really hot really fast and you will turn your steaks into charcoal... (i did this on 6 2" filet cooking for my family and guests one night - we ended up ordering pizza, was an expensive night:banghead:)

    if you get one you wont regret it.