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    Hi, I have a litter of Plott puppies on the ground.

    The parents of theses pups have been run on hogs, bear and coon. The grand parents of these pups were either exceptional hog or bear dogs. These pups have exceptional breeding and are worth what I’m asking for them.

    The sire and dam of the pups I’m offering come from a line of dogs that represents 40 years of extreme breeding and culling practices producing some of the best hunting Plotts in the world. These Plotts are very versatile hunting dogs and I personally know of them being hunted on everything from squirrels to grizzly, literally. These Plotts have exceptional noses, stamina, intelligence, grit and desire to hunt and catch game. They also have a natural desire to tree, and or bay depending on what you hunt them on.

    I have 2 males for sale out of a litter of 6 (my friends and I are keeping 4) born April 12, and will sell them for $250.00 a pup.

    Just buying a pup from the breeder of my two males and two of my females is nearly impossible because of the number of hunters wanting a pup. This breeder only breeds pups for his own use and if he has a few left from a litter he’ll sell them. He usually sells to friends, hunting buddies and friends of friends through recommendation. He had several dogs killed by a really bad bear and wolves the last three years and kept most all pups from the last 4 litters.

    All pups in the litter are black with brindle trim and I can email or text you a picture and copy of their pedigree.

    The pups will need to be picked up at my house. Please don’t ask for the pups to be delivered anywhere unless you’re willing to pay in advance for that service. I drive a ¾ ton pickup that gets 12 miles to the gallon. It won’t be cheap. I paid what I’m asking for my pups and paid for them to be delivered from the UP in Michigan.

    If you are interested please pm me. If you send me your name and phone number I’ll be glad to call you to answer any questions you may have.

  2. call me at 479 790 9343

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    What bloodline and pedigree
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    Nabek, wich goes back to Ursus & Salmon River breeding.

    ----------Calumet Levi

    -----Nabek Ben

    ----------Nabek Ursus Girl


    ---------------Nabek Ben

    ----------Keel's Creek Nabek Tom

    ---------------Nabek Ursus Sissy

    -----Ken's Nabek Wanda

    ---------------Nabek Bill

    ----------Nabek Pearl

    ---------------Nabek Ursus Girl
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    They are great bread dogs. I have had some out of nabek and a buddy still has two males. Great natural ability. He bays and trees his.
    Point being.... These dogs go!
  6. Hey pm your number my buddy wants to talk to you about pups
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    8703151017. I'm interested in a plott puppy

    Who Wants To Be 2nd Best!!!
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    Both pups are spoken for.
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    I have a plott pup that isn't spoken for out of the litter I raised this year. Born 8/22/2013 out of nabek jake x nabek jellybean. If anyone is interested pm me with your number and I'll get back with you. Thanks Clayton Klitz
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    I had a guy back out on buying his two male plott pups. There 7 weeks old and ready to go. They have had there first shots and are free of worms. Both are black with brindle trim. Call 870 381 7810 if interested.
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