Big Cuddeback Camera sale!!!!!!!!1111

Discussion in 'Trail Cams and Photography' started by CrabClaw, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. CrabClaw

    CrabClaw Well-Known Member

    I just got a flyer on a great sale on cuddeback cameras:
    Google Natchez Shooters Supply, Excites-$240,regularly $300
    Expert-$270,regularly $400 No-Flash $320, regularly $450
    Not sure you will find them any cheaper.
  2. .270Win

    .270Win Super Moderator<br>Forum Sponsor<br>'07 Deer Hunti

    That would be a great deal if the darn things didn't leak every time it rains. I bought 3 this year and they all leak. :down:


  3. hawgpharm

    hawgpharm Well-Known Member

    that is a pretty good deal.
  4. CrabClaw

    CrabClaw Well-Known Member

    .270, I read about people having that problem-even though I have not--I got me some aluminum roofing flashing-8 inch-took a piece about 10 inches, bent it 90 degrees about 2 inches from edge and wedged it between the camera and the tree---Complete fix!:thumb:
  5. fullcredit

    fullcredit Super Moderator Staff Member

    I'm still using my 1.3mp Cuddeback. Gonna put it back out soon. I wish I could find a good deal on a factory refurbished 1.3. Great cameras! I've probably taken 20,000 pictures with mine. The son-in-law got one of the no-flash models. Is the only way to mount these with one screw??? Mine has a cable, and can also be attached with a screw from the inside as well.
  6. .270Win

    .270Win Super Moderator<br>Forum Sponsor<br>'07 Deer Hunti screw is more cables. I've been using tarp straps, but I'm in an area where mine are not prone to be stolen. Someone on here several months ago was making some awesome steel boxes for them.

  7. CrabClaw

    CrabClaw Well-Known Member

    I agree with you, I have very good luck with my older cuddebacks-simple and dependable. Try ebay to look for the older model 1.3mp models.