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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by megabucks, Dec 24, 2010.

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    Wow!! Some real thumpers on there!!

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    There are some MASSIVE bucks in that group..:eek:
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    thats a pretty cool website.. thanks for sharing..
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    did yall see the size of there spikes:eek:
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    I'm VERY familiar with deer hunting in LA. There are some dandies taken there, but not even close to as many as in AR. Trust me on that one! Most people that are able and live near the AR/LA line would MUCH rather hunt in AR than LA. In fact, several of my friends from LA pay out of state and hunt AR. It wasn't until a few years ago that you were even required to tag game in LA so you can imagine how wild it was in the pre-tag era. I personally know of guys there that killed no less than 15 deer EVERY year.
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    How old are you? Only reason I ask is because it always seems like the younger guys that dont like the APR. I think if most people had to hunt back when there was no APR they would all change their minds.

    When I was a kid it took years for me to kill a buck, and this wasnt because I was a poor hunter. It was because there just werent the number of bucks that we have now.

    APRs are a good thing, and there is no way to explain that to the people that have never hunted without them.

    Just saying............:smack:
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    Real nice bucks. Some of the scores seem a little generous. Would love to see some of the scoresheets.
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    man those 5 points wow got me shakin :fit::fit: