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Congratulations! :thumb:

Thats a monster!

Where's the story?
Well,.It was a pretty good day to say the least.I got in the woods on my lease right at daylight.I was walking to my spot i had picked out.I did'nt make it.Heard 2 different Gobblers about 100 yds. out in the woods off the trail.I walked doun in the woods about 50 yds. and got set up.Hit my call a few times. They kept gobblin but were moving away at the same time.I did'nt know if it was the wind or hens pulling them away,.But they eventually left altogether. I set awhile longer and then decided to move.I walked in the direction that the Gobblers went.About a 1/4 mile later,.I heard more gobblin.This time I did'nt call,..I was trying to see what he was up to.Well I lost him i thnk.It's hard to tell.Anyway,.I walked on down to spot i had seen
birds at before. I picked out a spot,..sat down against a tree.And boom,..Gobbler scares the fire out of me about 50 yds. away. I did'nt call to him,..Thinkin he might have hens to pull him away. I've gotten bit too many times.he goes in another direction,.Not towards me of course. Well I decide to run and gun to get ahead of him.I take off skirting him on the next ridge.I get about 200 yds. ahead of him and set up where i think he is coming.I wait about 5 minutes,..hit my call a couple of times .Here he comes running down the hill right into my lap. Boom,.BIG BIRD DOWN. I had a dry spell last year so I'm very excited right about now.Then I had almost a mile to tote him back to the truck.But I did'nt mind one bit.
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