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On the last duck hunt we will get to go on this season. We decided to go on a woodie swat and boy was it fun. We were on the X right were they wanted to be. At first everything was flying over us and we thought were were skunked but about 7:00 here they come and the shootin was over in about 10 minutes. A long tiime friend that I go to church with was with us and he brought his young dog macy and man she is awesome Mr. B.A trains labs and feild trails them. his old dog passed away the first part of january and this dog is from her only litter of puppies so it was kind of bitter sweet for her to be out there with us on her first year season and not her momma. But here is a few picks they didn't turn out very well though i don't know why. when the flash was on they looked dark when it wasn't the camera wouldn't focus right so here they are.

macy lee

BG12, Mr. B.A. Dewoody

BG12 calling at some ducks Same time as the dark one before.

Macy and 6 woodies

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Here is were them woodies ended up. Me and BG had to go to work at the Fire Station the next day an we decided them woodies would never make the freezer:thumb: . and I brought another package for the supper recipe.

Duck kabobs(recipe posted in the cooking forum)

Ready to eat

BG enjoying his handywork

And for supper (the recipe I posted on the cooking forum)
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looks dam good. nice hunt glad to see some waterfowel hunters out there not just mallard hunters.
That's a cool post. I never gota shot at a woodie this year. There was one pair that came in at last light, last Saturday; and I just sat and watched them swim around.

SUre would have been tasty though!!! Those K-bobs look good!!!!
Well it's like Robertson said one time we hunt these woodies on purpose.:thumb:
:smack: Thats the phrase we use when we go after them woodies on purpose.
where is woodie swat at?? never heard of it.
Go down ole stump road, turn right by the blue tick laying in the road. keep going until you see the crooked oak tree, then hang a right and get the rest of the directions from the talking bush.
where is woodie swat at?? never heard of it.
turn right on ringneck road, go a few miles until you pass merganser mountain and it's on your left (across from gadwall pond):biggrin: :biggrin:
Congrats on your hunt...The Kabobs look good :thumb:
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