best ways to keep open a hole...

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by ducksandbucks, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. ducksandbucks

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    just wondering if anyone has some secret ways to opening and or keepn holes open with the weather we are about to get. fields sloughs timber... other than using an ice eater
  2. Stay all nite there and run your boat through it every once in a while .

  3. CutDown

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    A raft of about a thousand mallards should do the trick...
  4. jhw

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    Have your wife stay there and run in circles all night. :wink:
  5. shiftymcfive01

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    Shifty has no idea
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  6. birdman24

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    good luck in the rice fields..they usually suck when it freezes anyway
  7. BDW

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    A strategically placed trolling motor or two might help....:shrug:
  8. Greenhead Jed

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  9. ducks an diesels

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    All you need is a mud motor there want be one piece of ice left in the hole just stand behind a tree while sombodys running the motor there will be ice flying 4 atleast 100 yards around the hole .:up:
  10. shiftymcfive01

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  11. CrappieMaster220

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    I've got a homemade decoy that uses a bilge pump to move water around the decoy itself... Does wonders for preventing your hole from freezing up...

    Brings in the ducks too :up:
  12. snydedawg

    snydedawg Well-Known Member

    If it gets as cold as they claim.... look for big water is all I can suggest.

    Turning on a pump is about the best you can do in the field and that gets mighty deep in a pocket... QUICK!!!!
  13. duckboy32

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  14. coonnutz

    coonnutz Well-Known Member

    I'm thinking either claymores or dynamite should do the trick:clap:
  15. kwackwacker809

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    Just bust a hold big enough for a bucket and dip out enough water for a thin layer over the ice. Or mallard machine. Pulsator jerk string and big fire on front of boat
  16. kwackwacker809

    kwackwacker809 Well-Known Member

    Also sleeping in and watching rntv is good on really cold days
  17. fowlen

    fowlen Well-Known Member

    rock salt.. by the truck loads..
  18. BIG DOG

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    it won't keep the hole open but it makes it look like its open.....BLEACH we used it on millwood in the past and it works wonders:up:
  19. MollyWhop

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    Probably go around after you get done hunting and pick up a few limits of dead fish too..:razz:
  20. green_head_getter

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