Best Place to buy meat

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  1. In central Arkansas. Small quantities of steak, hamburger, pork. More interested in quality vs saving money. I know there is the meat shop in gravel ridge. Anyone buy from them? Or other suggestions
  2. s12eaton

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    Tommy's is at the Morgan/Maumelle exit. There is also Hoggs on Camp Robinson. Both of those places I have always been pleased with selection and quality.

  3. steve72444

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    The Meat Man in Gravel Ridge Has some killer Cajun Stuffed Pork Chops. Hoggs on Camp Robinson is also pretty good.
  4. if you are willing to take a drive. There is a meat processor in Centerville. Gordon Miller is his name. GREAT meat and price. But that is one heck of a drive for you.
  5. Buck-Ridge

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    I find sams club hard to beat for steaks.
  6. fairweatherhunter

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    Edwards Food Giant has a nice selection of meat and several butchers on staff. Try their homemade sausages. Also Big Star in Mayflower has a good meat department.
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    X 2 on Sams, got two cases of butts there the other day ! Great meat and good prices.
  8. jjarvis0007

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    Tommy's and Hoggs for me!
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    I took a quartered deer to Tommy about 5 years ago. I had cleaned and washed the deer before putting in my ice chest. He refused to process the deer because he said there was too much hair on the meat. I will never go there again.
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    SAMs has excellent meat. My belly is full from a filet I got from right now.
  12. We have been buying steak at sams and no complaints. Curious if even better options out there
  13. Manybeards

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    Kroger has some good steaks