Best "Old School" hunting coats.

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    That's what I figured. I've hunted with my uncle quite a bit on lazy 7 which is on one side of the cockspur then g&m on the other.
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    75% as good. Wick quality will never be duplicated.
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    That’s the only truthful thing I have seen you post .....
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    Yes they were I bought a coat and the bib overalls.
  5. Has anyone ever used one of these type shell vest. IMG_2753.jpg IMG_2754.jpg
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    That's a shell vest typically worn by quail hunters way back in the days when a feller and a good bird dog could find 20 to 30 covey in a day's time in the Ouachitas and in the foot-heels. I reckon the shell vests and the quail went extinct about the same time. But, bless their little pea-picking hearts, the AG&FC insured that we had plenty of quail egg gobbling hogs and coyotes to hunt instead. (Have a vest just like the the one shown - with game pouch on the back - and a bunch of quail shot shells to decorate it.)
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