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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by fullcredit, Jan 24, 2008.

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    I had a blast on the deer stand this afternoon! I got into the stand a little after 4pm. A little after five I see two deer headed my way---both bucks. Only problem, both are 4 points. Oh well, they hang around for a few minutes then leave. Just before dark I start hearing the familiar sound of deer coming through the woods. In a few minutes I have five deer right in front of me. I didn't see antlers on one, but he might have been a small spike, but the rest were bucks---spikes and 4 points! I couldn't believe it! All those deer and not one legal shooter. One of the bucks was probably 15" or so wide, and had a really nice rack for a 4 point. I looked and looked and I was pretty sure I saw a brow tine, but I really couldn't tell for sure. Talk about temptation to ground check!!! Don't worry----I ain't gonna do that! The other bucks were small ones, and some might have been legal, but I kept my focus on the big 4, hoping for a clear look, but it just didn't happen. I couldn't make that deer grow another point. All the while these deer are here, I kept hearing something running around. I thought it was a small deer, and it kept running all around the deer. They would run toward it, seemingly annoyed, then go back to eating. Due to limited visibility from my box stand and trying to watch the big 4, I didn't even look to see what it was until all the deer finally left. At last light I heard what sounded like the same critter and there it was--- a big ole bobcat! I put the crossbow crosshairs on him let the arrow fly. When I got down and saw the arrow I thought I missed until I pulled the arrow out of the ground and the broadhead was covered with a ball of hair. (which really didn't make sense). I looked around a little and found a blood trail from the cat, followed it 50 yards or so, but was not able to recover it. What a hunt! Saw 6 different bucks, another one that was most likely a buck as well, and a bobcat. All this in a hunt that lasted a little more than an hour with temps in the mid 20's. I hate that I can't be back out there tomorrow afternoon, but I'll be back out there Saturday. Heck, I might even make a morning hunt!
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    Cool story, thanks for sharing.

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    Cool hunt (literally)! :thumb:

    What do you think happened with the bobcat? Could you tell where you hit him? :confused:


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    Dang Larry, now I wish I had went this evening.

    But man that wind was cold and out of the wrong direction for the place I wanted to hunt, but look out tomorrow evening. :thumb:

    Great story, maybe you killed the cat.
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    Man great story thanks for sharing. :thumb:
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    Yes great story and what an exciting time hunting. I love it when it all happens. Glad you got a hit on that ol' cat maybe he'll go off and expire somewhere. I've yet to take one with my bow, hope to someday. Yeppers it was cold deserved a good hunt to be out in that. Thanks for posting.
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    He was sitting on his haunches facing away from me. I must have hit him in the back end and low. No blood at all on the fletchings. I think it may have pinned him briefly, then he tore loose. Pretty good blood trail for a cat---at least for a ways.
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    Don't you just love a hunt like that. All those deer and a bobcat to boot. You still might get lucky and find that cat. I hope you do.
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    Sounds like you had a blast...Congrats buddy...:wink:
    By the way, what did that son-n-law see?
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    He probably didn't go far, maybe you can still find him. At least make a tanned hide out of him. :wink: