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Discussion in 'Outdoor Recreation' started by tjgivens85, May 20, 2016.

  1. tjgivens85

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    Here is a nice swimming hole we found last year around Jasper. If you have kids. Way off the beaten path. Cant remember the name for the life of me.

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  2. pluckyduk

    pluckyduk Well-Known Member

    Looks like Kings River Falls! Awww the memories!:wink:

  3. mt.feisty

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  4. pearlsnaps

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    That looks like fallings water falls and six finger falls. Richland creek area. Not sure about the last pic, just looks like a creek.
    I know old thread. Was looking for some float recommendations. Wanted to hit the big piney, but afraid it will be too late by this weekend. Already is pretty low.
  5. Buck-Ridge

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    Falling water creek. I've been there in the fall and seen it bone dry. 20 years ago I hunted in that area.
  6. nontypical

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    Can someone shoot me a pm on how to get here. Be up that way in June and I like getting away from the crowds