Best Crappie Fishing lake?

Discussion in 'Fishing' started by livz2hunt, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. livz2hunt

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    What is the best crappie fishing lake in Arkansas? Nimrod, Overcup, Conway, Lake Chicot, which is your favorite and why?
  2. odocoi

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  3. ace777

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    ouachita:biggrin: i think it would be hard to say, not many people have fished a lot of different lakes for crappie so it would be hard to compare. i never fished either one of them but i would think lake millwood and lake erling would be way up on the list.
  4. F B

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    I like some of the oxbows off the White River.

    Mostly because I like to fish structure that I can see like cypress trees and buckbrush.
  5. Double M

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    I'd have to say, Peckerwood. BUT I too love fishing the White River lakes. The river lakes just aren't what the used to be. I think because the river doesn't flood, and stay flooded like it used to. Therefore not "refreshing" the lakes like it used to. OR...has it taken this long for the cooler water created by the dams up in north AR to finalyy take its toll :confused: :frown:
  6. fish

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    There was a time I would have said Nimrod. But it has declined and locals still catch plenty. But without knowlege of the lake and timing it stinks alot of the time.:frown:
  7. jerry dean

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    Faulkner Lake is the best that I've ever fished on.

    Crows Foot in the WR Refuge used to be close when it flooded all the time.

    Dardanelle has some big ones, but the numbers are down.
  8. turkeyhunter

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    Ouachita is the best I fished. I've fished most lakes in start. You need to take a few years to learn it.
  9. jimmyh

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    I like Big Lake because it's about a 15 min drive.
  10. Z-man

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    I like Greers Ferry Lake,because there are some big bass in there and there is some garr
  11. Dirt Clod

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    I like all the choices you guys have posted. But, I think some of those farm reservoirs around the Peckerwood Lake neighborhood are the best crappie fishing holes in Southeast Arkansas. Each one seems to have either good numbers or good size fish. Either way, it makes for a good trip with minnows or jigs, or a combo of the two.
  12. BIG JIM

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    Blue mountain. Because thats where my friends catch em at. They then give me a mess or two. ( I aint much of a crappie fisherman ):biggrin:
  13. teamroper27

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  14. firecat

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    norfork, i've been coming up here fishing for more years than i want to say, i moved up here 11 years ago. i've had days that me and one person caught over 200 in one morning. the crappies are huge,every year i catch some 17 inch plus. its a big lake and you have to know where and when. i use several methods here so i always have the freezer full. crappies is the best tasting fish hands down:twothumbs
  15. jdoyle

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    Hey Firecat,

    I am going up to Norfork April 12 & 13 (turkey hunting & Fishing) Do you have any advise on Crappie fishing up there. We fished last year with Minnows in a tree top about 10 ft deep. We only caught 10, but they were all nice. Any help would be appreciated!!

  16. three rivers

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    Pleading the 5th! (amendment) :dontknow: :hide: :giveup:
  17. M1Tommy

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    'any pointers on Crappie in Ouachita??? I fished out of Twin Creek and Mt. Harbor a lot ..... but that was 20-25 years ago and the lake seems a bit different now.

  18. fish

    fish Well-Known Member

    How is the fishing at Clear Lake these days? My great uncle ran the boat dock/baitshop in the late 1960's there. We used to catch some good fish in those days. Us kids always hunted arrowheads in the cotton fields across the road after they were harvested. Heard the lake maybe closed off ?:confused:
  19. jerry dean

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    The last time I fished for crappie @ Clear Lake was in late April of last year. We were catching a few smaller ones, but the water was still in the low 50's. The lake was packed with folks too. We actually started bass fishing and caught 10 or 12 bass. A couple were close to 6lbs. The rest were 15-16 inch chunks. I did set out about 300 hooks last spring when the river was too swift but didn't do any good. I ran my lines 7 or 8 times and didn't catch 20 catfish.

    That guy that runs the bait store on the NW side of the lake charges $5 to launch at that ramp. The guy that has the house in the big curve was charging $5 also to use his ramp & yard to park in.
  20. fish

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    thanks Jerry

    Thanks Jerry for the information. Probably never fish there just wondering.:thumb: