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Discussion in 'Campfire' started by be_z71, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. be_z71

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    I'm thinking of buying a compact 4X4 tractor with a front loader in the 35-40 hp range. I would use it mainly around the deer lease.....bushhogging, disking food plots, and typical loader work. It might be used to occassionaly pick up a round bale of hay or some other light farm chore.

    Who all has a tractor in this hp range? Which one do ya'll think is the best and why? Looking to spend $20K or less on a new one. I have been thinking real hard on the Kubota L3800DT. Fiser has package deal for the tractor with loader, 5ft bushhog, and 5 ft box blade on an 18ft trailer for $20K.
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    Kubota makes a great tractor, would be a great choice. I've got a John Deere about that size and it's been a good one, had a hard life and held up very well.

  3. btech29

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    I have a New Holland TC 40 and its been very good. It will easily handle a round bail and is great for a brushhawg.
  4. MountainBuck

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    I've had one for a little over 6 years now, No Problems, Great Tractor, I just purchased a Kubota MX 5100 with HST that I really like a Month ago to go along with it for Larger Jobs, still Use the L3800 on the farm for a lot of jobs though.
  5. Sitting in your barn and drinking beer isn't a real job.:razz:
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    I've moved outta the Barn, Got a Cab and A/C on this Tractor!! Can Drink my Beer while I'm bush Hoggin in Comfort. Not as easy to turn over as a 4-Wheeler!!:thumb:
  7. Next time i'm in Arkansas, i'm driving down to Havana. Like it or not.
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    Come on Down!! Just be warned I'm not any Prettier and have lost my Arnold Swartzanager Figure!!:eek: Do you think You can still find the Place? I'll take you for a ride in My new Kubota, You'll have to have one.
  9. I prefer's what I own and haven't had any trouble with it. Just lately it started leaking at the 4wd actuator arm......I think I have the technology to fix it..:biggrin:
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    I use my dads BX2200, the small one. It has a belly mower and a frontend loader. Even for as small as it is, I have spread more dirt and gravel, hauled wood, pushed up brush piles and it takes bout 2 min to detach frontend loader and it mows like a dream. Its been perfect for 10 years now except I have had to replace all 6 or 7 hydraulic hoses. Oh yeah, It makes the perfect skinnin pole, its held up a ton of hogs and deer. It is 4x4 with turf tires.
  11. That package deal isn't bad. I have a L3000DT that is 10 years old and will go place like a atv. If I can't I just push things out of my way......
    I have never owned a Land Pride and thats what Fiser sells...but do yourself a favor and I believe they are a dealer....spend a dollar or two more and get a Brush Whacker........far superior. As soon as I tear up this Woods I have that is what I am buying......
  12. Can't go wrong with the Kubota. I really like the John Deere 3038e too. If I were to buy a new tractor it would probably be the 3038e. Kubota's are as tough as an M1 Abrams tank though.
  13. be_z71

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    The thing I don't like about the John Deere 3038E is that it has plastic fenders and floorboard. I just don't think that will hold up to bushhogging fire trails. The Fiser package includes Cimmaron brand bushhog and box blade. They didn't have those at the Alexander store, so was trying to sell me Land Pride instead, which are more expensive. I'm still looking around. Kubota has 0% financing available and Fiser says they can finance the whole package at 0%.
  14. See what the price on a 5 foot Bush Whacker is? I kind of would like to know myself......

    I mean look at this thing.....and it's light enough for almost any 30HP Hydraulic system......


    Built in NLR ARK!!!:up:
  15. bds6043

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    Kioti 4x4. Good package deals now. I am 3yrs out, 40 hp 80 acres. No problems. When we bought, this tractor was the best weight(heavy)/hp/price/warranty. I would buy Kioti again.bds6043

  16. they will hold up
  17. BDW

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    I've got a JD 770 4WD that's been a good little tractor. It's somewhere around 25 hp. It's actually just a Yanmar in green paint, though.
  18. i think the 770/790/970/990 series tractors Deere made were some the toughest for basic utility tractor use. nothing fancy about them, just a solid workhorse.
  19. BDW

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    It's been a tough little tractor for me. :up:
  20. deltabowhunter

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    I purchased a Case IH Farmall 45 a few months ago. So far I love it. I got it with the 6ft. front end loader and HST transmission. I paid $22,500 for it. I also got a 6ft Bushog SQ172 I believe it was for $1950. I went in to buy a Kubota L3940, but it ended up being $3,000 more. I ended up with a little more tractor, but minus the HST+ transmission of the Kubota. I really like the forward reverse pedals of the Case more than the one pedal of the Kubota, though. If you want to get a lot of good information on CUTs I suggest you go to and check them out.