Best cheap feed for antler growth??Any suggestion??

Discussion in 'Quality Deer Management' started by Coonpack17, Jan 25, 2015.

  1. Coonpack17

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    I just need some cheap feed at least less than 10$
  2. b8hickman

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    This past year I started feeding 20% cattle cubes.I mixed it at a ratio of a sack of cattle cubes, a sack of corn and a sack of rice bran at first. It took a little bit to get them to eat it but after a few weeks they did. After they started eating the cubes like they were the corn and rice bran I just started cutting back on the amount of corn and rice bran. I built a trough feeder so the feed would stay dry. The deer would show up like clock work every night. I bought the cattle cubes from Atwoods for 8 or 9 dollars for 50lbs, but any feed store should have them. I plan on feeding them again this year.

  3. Tugcapt08

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    I hunted an area of our lease next to a cattle farm and I've never seen such fat deer I asked one of the old timers about it and he said deer can't get enough of the cattle cubes
  4. Michael Whitworth

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    I get C'mere deer corn coat its really good my deer love it its 10$ and treats 300lbs of corn then I buy corn and 10sweet from Orschliens or any place that sales sweet feed and mix it with the corn and they love it
  5. Michael Whitworth

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    It cost about $11.50 for a hundred pounds of feed the C'mere deer when you pour it just makes a cloud that drifts off and the deer come in pretty quicj
  6. BIG DOG

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    If antler growth is what your after, you need minerals (trophy rock, cattle/horse mineral blocks or buy it by the sack.
    I'd do a mineral site close to a water source, and feed a high protein and fat content food like a beef builder feed such as cubes or a some sweet feeds have a high protein/ fat content.

    The new place I just got this year and my old place will be going to a year round mineral and feed program
  7. Buck-Ridge

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    Keep minerals that have calcium out year around and plant something with protein content better than grass. The antlers they grow this year come from the food they eat and the minerals stored in their bones from the year before. There are other factors involved too that you may not be able to do anything about. But minerals and year around quality food are a good start. Then you have to let them live 3 more years to see the results.
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    A buddy of mine used to have hunting rights on some land that was used for breeding and raising registered Angus cattle. The landowner had these tanks/feeders out there that had some kind of liquid feed/supplement in them which was dispensed by the calves licking a roller. Apparently the deer herd figured it out as well. That small piece of ground had some very impressive deer antler growth given its location. I've often wondered what was in those tanks. I figure some of you guys probably know.
  9. quackandmild

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    Not to say you are wrong, and I hear lots of people say put mineral sites close to water but on a podcast of a deer biologist speaking he said in the spring time deer seek out salt to pull off excess water in their bodies from all the plants they eat. I had never thought of it until I heard it, as my mineral site sets 10 feet from a creek. Are we all counter acting the whole reason deer want the salt in the first place??
  10. dogdoc

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    Started using his stuff about a year ago. Very impressed with it so far. It’s not candy or junk food for them. This stuff is the real deal balanced mineral. Not cheap but often you get what you pay for.
  11. SwampCat

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    High protien feeds are what will assist antler growth. A Mississippi State study showed deer from poor soil areas could acheive the same antler growth as those from fertile soil areas when given a steady diet of high protien feed. BUT - is was the second generation of deer that exhibited the increase in antler development. Feed your deer now, get them nice and healthy, and their offspring will show improvement. Also remember these studies are done on pen raised deer where they have little choice in food and probably eat a lot more supplemental feed than free range deer - thus exhibiting and more positive response
  12. curdog1

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    Range cubes for cattle work! Problem I’ve had is getting them to eat them in the spring and summer. Deer in my area don’t eat much feed when there’s plenty of other food to eat.
  13. BIG DOG

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    Good question, I was always taught to put your mineral site close to water water source.