Best ccw???

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  1. RussHogFan

    RussHogFan Well-Known Member

    What do YOU think is the best CCW?
  2. Mr. Chitlin

    Mr. Chitlin Administrator Staff Member Supporting Member

    NE Ark
    That's like asking what's the best truck or choosing Mary Ann vs Ginger.

    You'll probably have a different response from every person.

    If I'm dressed light I usually carry a Kel-Tec P3AT or a Taurus PT-22. If I can cover it, I generally carry a Glock 27 or Glock 19. I'm a Glock fan.

  3. dkhern

    dkhern Well-Known Member

    lile mr. c which is prettier blonds or readheads? go to store with large selection see which feel best. consider one that can be hidden in winter may be much harder in summer
  4. RussHogFan

    RussHogFan Well-Known Member

    Fellas, I realize its a matter of opinion. And thats what I'm asking. To YOU, for YOU, in YOUR opinion, what do YOU think is the best CCW?

    Just getting a feel for what people like to carry.
  5. Mr. Chitlin

    Mr. Chitlin Administrator Staff Member Supporting Member

    NE Ark
    Those are my preferred CCW's. G27 is my #1 choice.
  6. paxcolt

    paxcolt Well-Known Member

    My primary is a Kahr P40. Reliable, accurate, powerful. Much better grip shape/angle (for me) than Glocks. Also thinner than most other striker-fired pistols, so it's more comfortable IWB. Full-fingered grip but still short enough to hide with a quality holster. Downside? Recoil is pretty whippy. 9MM ammo has come a long way since I bought it 10 or so years ago, so I've been kicking around the idea of trading it for a P9.
    Hot weather/only wearing my scrubs: Kel-Tec P3AT. If I know I'll be leaving my jacket on or wearing something loose like a hoody: full-size 1911 in .45.
  7. Grizzly16

    Grizzly16 Well-Known Member

    The one you've trained with, is dependable and you are able to carry every time you step outside.

    A great ccw gun does you zero good if you don't know how to employ it or if it is laying in the safe at home or if it doesn't go bang every time you pull the trigger.

    For me that equates to an M&P 9mm full size 90% of the time. The other 10% is split between an M&P compact 9mm and a .38 snubby. The snubby only gets carried for quick trips to home depot or things along those lines when the family isn't with me.
  8. VALES

    VALES Well-Known Member

    I am a big Glock Glock 23 chambered in .40 S&W is my favorite..but i also like my Glock 30 chambered in .45 acp. Both conceal fairly well an both will get the job done.
  9. Veo

    Veo Super Member<br>2012 Turkey Contest Winner

    90% of the time I carry a Ruger LC9. I won't say it's the best, but for me, I can shoot it well, it hides well, and I'm very comforable carrying it. If I have a Jacket or bigger clothes on, then it's a Ruger P345, or Taurus Mil Pro .45.
  10. Mule man

    Mule man Well-Known Member

    "90% of the time I carry a Ruger LC9" This. The other 10% I carry a Ruger LCP in 380
  11. dkhern

    dkhern Well-Known Member

    kimber ultra ll 45 acp in shoulder holster
  12. UCNE

    UCNE Well-Known Member

    Taurus Mil Pro .45.
  13. Veo

    Veo Super Member<br>2012 Turkey Contest Winner

    I've by no means shot all the pistols out there, but I have shot a TON, all the way up to Les Baers (spelling?) lots of Kimbers, Glocks, etc, etc, etc. My millitary buddy is a huge collector and we routinely shoot a ton......................I say all of this to say, my Mil Pro .45, is one of the best pointing and shooting guns I have ever shot. I don't know if it's just a perfect fit for my hand and everything clicks or what, but that $350 gun is one of my favorite's in my arsenal, I love that thing.
  14. Ekspurt

    Ekspurt Well-Known Member

    The best gun to carry all the time is one you don't mind carrying all the time. It won't do you any good if you don't have it on you. My personal carry gun is a Sig P226 but I admit it is rather large for every day carry. I've become used to the weight but it can be a little difficult to conceal and clothing options are limited in the summer.

    I recently picked up a S&W Airlite .38 for my wife to get her CCW and carried it last week while on vacation. I could sure get used to that little joker. A friend has a Ruger LCP and it sure is small but the grip is miniscule and may not be very pleasant to shoot. All things considered, I wish I'd kept the Walther PPKS I used to have. For every day carry it would have been the best choice for me.
  15. Mr BS

    Mr BS Well-Known Member

    XDs-45 most of the time. If not it, Taurus 850 CIA.
  16. chevyduckhunt

    chevyduckhunt Well-Known Member

    I carry a m&p shield year around. But occasionally I will carry my full size xd or my sp101 in 357 mag. But those 2 usually stay in the truck just because I have yet to order a theis holster for them.
  17. Retooferab

    Retooferab Well-Known Member

    I carry a Kahr P380 all of the time with a Glock 21SF in my back pack. I also have a Sig P238 that I take occasionally. Tomorrow I'm picking up an XDS that will be my new full time carry gun if it fits well.
  18. jakemak24

    jakemak24 Well-Known Member

    9mm Sig p226 in shoulder holster
  19. dartonmav60

    dartonmav60 Well-Known Member

    Bersa Thunder 380 in a crossbreed hoster!
  20. One of those little Bitty guns they used in men in black. Weighs 4oz., kicks like a mule and makes a hole the size of a bowling ball.

    Verrrrry effective. If you find out who sells them pm me!