Best catfish (resturaunt)

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  1. arkrem870

    arkrem870 Well-Known Member

    Catfish shack - river fish was very good. A/C has good catfish steaks - I'm not wild about their fillets. I like the little fiddler cats the best - they are popular in restaurants in Mississippi not so much around here
  2. Triple Threat

    Triple Threat Well-Known Member

    I love my catfish but for me it's the whole meal! I really want good fries, pintos, coleslaw, hushpuppies, pickles, onions and green tomato relish with the meal! It's not always easy to find. The Shake Shack in Marion has some good fish. Fine folks, too! Anytime I'm close to Fred's at Mammoth Spring on Friday, I'm going in!
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  3. heacret

    heacret Well-Known Member

    I go to a place in Oklahoma called the barn on outside of Pocola ok. They serve only usa raised catfish.
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  4. bullcreekboy

    bullcreekboy Well-Known Member

    Jo Jo's at Jack's Resort in Sylamore is pretty good.
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  5. JasonS

    JasonS Well-Known Member

    Fred's in batesville is the only one I'll go to. Been eating their fish since they opened at cord. I was a little kid them
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  6. Doesonly

    Doesonly Well-Known Member

    Whites fish market in Des Arc. Dondies is also really good
  7. Allenn

    Allenn Well-Known Member

    I use to like the Get N Go in Stamps not sure if it's even open anymore . Another vote for Doc's.
  8. ox09

    ox09 Well-Known Member

    Rocky Mtn Grill in Pearcy had some good cat fish and shrimp on their sunday buffet last week. It was worth the after church drive
  9. Lt Gibson

    Lt Gibson Well-Known Member

    Me either.
  10. Lt Gibson

    Lt Gibson Well-Known Member

    I bet you are. When did you leave it?
  11. mr4pt

    mr4pt Well-Known Member

    Get n go was good. Don't think they open anymore tho