Best, brightest flashlight

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  1. mr4pt

    mr4pt Well-Known Member

    SWA's working
  2. curdog1

    curdog1 Well-Known Member

    That caplight on Amazon is a very good light. I know several guys using them and they are comparable to most 300 dollar coon huntin lights.

  3. pearlsnaps

    pearlsnaps Well-Known Member

    On those headlamps, are they not heavy? I always have to wear headlamps on top of my hat. Or else the reflection is too much on my glasses and I can't see.
    I just worried those bigger head lamps would weigh my hat down.
  4. curdog1

    curdog1 Well-Known Member

    They come mounted on a cap and weigh about 16-18 oz. they don’t bother me at all and I’ve really not heard of any hunters that they did bother.
  5. frogleg

    frogleg Well-Known Member

    I've had my ThruNite TH20 for a little over a year and I'm real happy with it so far. I've had a lot cheap wallyworld leds and ebay crees and although the ebay crees were okay for the money and very bright the charge didn't seem to hold up very long.

    I really like the battery life on the th20 and it just takes a AA so its easy to carry an extra battery or two if you want. Also compact and light weight. You can also use a Li-ion 14500 750mAh rechargeable battery. I've thought about ordering one but so far have been happy with the brightness of just a AA so it really hasn't been a priority for me.

    One other thing I'd like to mention is that my Th20 is the neutral white. On another board I'm on a guy was saying he had a real hard time seeing blood until he tried a neutral white and it made it much easier for him. Although I haven't had any trouble spotting blood I went ahead and got the neutral white and I do like it better than the cool white. Only had to trail one so far and it did great for me. Whatever brand you end up going with I would recommend the neutral white.