Best AR in 223 for yotes?

Discussion in 'Predators, Varmints, and Hogs' started by Whitebread, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. Whitebread

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    In yalls opinion, what it the best AR calibered in 223 that is fit for yotes and cats? I've been checking into some ARs but wanted some opinions from yall. How will an AR shoot out to long ranges also? I've never owned one but I'm in the buying mood and I've always wanted one. Lets hear it.
  2. jhatch

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    Lots of options there. I buld mine myself. If you want a good not too expensive gun. Just get a dpms sportical and change the foreend tube to a free floater. Would be a good light weight rig that will be plenty accurate for yotes hunting.

  3. Mr. Chitlin

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    Any of them will do the basic job of delivering a bullet to the target. It's up to you to decide your budget and what accessories you want or need. Other than a flat top which will give you more options for mounting optics the rest will be up to you.

    The sky is the limit with AR's.
  4. SA Doc

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    I just bought an AR for coyote hunting. I had looked at the heavy barrel varmint types, but most were way too heavy for my liking. Ended up getting a Windham SRC and put in a Timney trigger. Put a fixed 6x Sightron SIIB on it for simplicity. Groups are 1 inch or better at 100 yards- not bad for a 16 inch non- freefloated barrel. I think most are fairly accurate if you put in a decent trigger.
  5. mrsfnkta

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    I agree with jhatch. Build your own. I built a pair this year, and it was a LOT easier than I thought it would be. And they are wicked accurate. Flat top uppers with precision barrels (free floated) and matched, headspaced bolts. Also got Geissle triggers - well worth the money. Had no idea how much it meant to have a good trigger until now!
  6. jhatch

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    Yes, I'm building one right now with a side charging Grizzly upper, seekens billet lower. 18" Kies .264lbc barrel should be a fun rig.
  7. Dragonuv

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    I own 3 of them, and out to 200yds, my little ol' $650.00 M&P15 shoots a very tight group. If you shoot further than that, you will want to go with a longer free floating barrel as the guys stated above. If I expect to shoot past 200yds, I'll take the .308 instead.
  8. Rifleman75

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    I built a DPMS that I really like. Its got a 24'' stainless fluted bull barrel with a free float handguard. Shooting nosler 52 grn match hollow points (handloads) it'll cloverleaf the hole @ 100 yards. Ordered the DPMS lower unassembled for $208 and gave $614 for the DPMS upper delivered from R-Guns. This one acually shoots better than my Colt Match/Target/Competition but I've never handloaded anything for the Colt. Just so happened the DPMS loved the handload for my 700 Remington. Good luck with you pick.