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    Which would you buy if you were looking to buy a semi-auto pistol? Seems like everyone, espeically law enforcment goes with the Glock. Looking for a mid size, not a small or one to big. Colt M&P, Glock, Berreta, Ruger, etc. I'm sure that most will be personnal preverence. Any ideas appriciated.
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    All the brands you named are good guns. You would need to put your hands around them to see which ones feel good and which don't.

    I'm a Glock guy so the G23 would get my vote for a mid size 40 cal.
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    G23 for me. Kind of starting to like some of the XD line too. My next everyday gun may wind up being an XDs. It's small, but I'm sure they have a mid size .40.
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    Xd service model. Last I heard NLR pd had bought a lot of the new berettas and was having all kinda problems with them. And I'm not a glock fan due to a brand new one blowing the slide off in his face and it was a law enforcement model. He was working as a deputy down around Waco tx
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    Love my ruger sr40
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    check em all see which feels best cant go wrong w glock
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    G23 or S&W M&P compact (very similiar to the g23/19 size). Please don't get caught up in "it feels good in my hand" as a test. That is like buying a truck because it looks pretty.
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    I'm a Glock guy too... but the M&P's would be my choice for a mid-size if I went to buy a new one! I just like the fit to my hand.... But I've gotten so used to shooting Glocks that finding the sights on anything else seems to take forever!

    I know it doesn't.... just seems that way.
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    Glock is a great gun. I would have to vote for that. I had the G22 (gen 3). It shot very well and I really liked how it "pointed". It had a very natural feel in the grip angle for me. Alas, I needed some cash so I sold it.
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    just purchased a XDM in 45 caliber 3.8" barrel and i am really impressed with it and they make a 40 caliber also you should check them out
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    love my springfield xd
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    Glock 23 all day for me.....fits great and can't break it
  16. Sig P229. It comes in 40 or 357. You can get a Sig, the Cadillac of handguns, or you can get the Chevy of handguns...a Glook. Your call.
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    Ruger SR40, XD or Sig. JMHO
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    Don't forget an HK USP Compacts those buggers are bullet proof and one of the more accurate guns around.
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    If you want a gun that will shoot every time, in every condition, no matter what then get glock. If you want something that looks pretty, or feels good, or looks good in a picture (which is fine if thats what you are going for) then buy something else. I keep a Glock next to bed at night, a Glock in my truck, and I carry a Glock into the woods. My "other" pistols are for range shooting, cleaning, showing off, trading around, etc.
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    Sig Sauer P250 , I love mine .:thumb::flag: