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Nearly new, fired <50rds. Trigger breaks a little over 2lbs but is adjustable. Threaded 1/2-28. Tried a sample of ammo and it likes Hornady the best but shoots others well also. Also installed adjustable cheek riser. Comes with scope base but no scope, no bipod. No trades. Found a 17hmr I “needed” so this one goes. Sample targets below at 100yds.

Asking $575
$650 with about 400rds of ammo.

Air gun Machine gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory

White Air gun Trigger Machine gun Shotgun

Air gun Trigger Machine gun Shotgun Automotive exterior

Handwriting Font Wood Monochrome Circle

Line Font Circle Pattern Symmetry

Rectangle Font Slope Parallel Pattern

Rectangle Packaging and labeling Carton Box Font
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