Ben Pearson's cave cabin

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by Selfbow, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. Selfbow

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    Have any of you folks stayed in Ben's cabin up at Prim Arkansas?
    He has a cabin that he built back in the 60's into a cave with a waterfall out the back door.

    Awesome place if you like nature.

    Ben Jr. runs it and he is a great guy. He has some of the handmade bows from Ben Sr. hanging around in the place.
  2. Bruin

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    Thanks for the link! I will be booking a trip there soon!

  3. F B

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    Ive never been but my wife found it on the Internet once when she was looking for a cabin in Eureka Springs. We've talked about going ever since but havent yet.
  4. I showed my wife and I think I'm gonna have to go .......maybe she'll forget:head::biggrin:
  5. .270Win

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    My wife and I stayed in the original cabin (the one you're referring to, and the only one available at that time) for our honeymoon in March 1992. Being a bowhunting freak at that time (and still am to a degree) this was the ultimate for a country boy from Arkansas at that time. Plus, it helped that Mrs. Pearson was at our wedding and made us a very good offer...:whistle:

    If you can stay at the first cabin that Ben Sr. built (with the waterfall) by all means GO! It is absolutely awesome. So much history and relics to admire while you're there. GO FOR IT! :thumb:

  6. Selfbow

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    The history and beautiful scenery are worth the trip. The cabin is in the middle of 1400 acres and is a sight to see. The prices are not bad either.
    There is a shelter cave under the waterfall with a hammock and a grill.
    One of the best kept secrets in Arkansas!
  7. bett_lou

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    OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH! I have to go! This is the most beautiful place I've ever seen.
  8. flintknapper

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    My wife saw that and asked "When are we going?" Now I gotta call and check prices :smack:

    Thanks, thanks a lot! :biggrin: