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    I killed this buck in 2005. He was nocturnal and I had pics of him all over the lease. There's was an old camphouse that was hardly ever used and the yard was grown up about 4 feet tall. I was sitting in a ladder stand about 100 yards away. At about 10 am I heard 4 wheelers coming down the lane toward the old camp and when they got close to the camp this buck bailed out of the yard, jumped the fence and trotted right by me. He had found a spot that was secure and just happened to escape in the wrong direction. He was a very dark colored buck. Everyone that saw him commented on how dark his coat was.
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    Very nice! Its always cool to kill a buck you have pics of. :up:

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    I guess yall can tell I was still using 35mm at the time.
  5. Ain't it amazing where they can hide?
    How many have we walked by and never saw them.
    That was some good thinking and a good hunt for that wise one.:up:
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    Always like seeing those before and after pics. Nice buck!!:up:
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    That's a great buck, and a GREAT story!!
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    Congrats on getting a wise old buck:clap:
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    That's a nice buck. I'll bet you were thinking those dang 4 wheelers were gonna mess you up!