been cussed now goin on two days in a row haha

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by doublelung09, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. doublelung09

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    well yesterday we got a hole and a boy walked up to 40 yards of me while i was throwin out decoys and he told me i wasnt in the hole hahahaha. needless to say i was pissed but then he told me he would be hunting where he was standing 40 yrds away well we had a good jawin session and he eventually left like he should have.

    today a different boy not far a away come up on us as shootin hours started we shined our lights at him and he then came chargin in the hole hollarin how terrible people we where for hunting his hole i told him theres plenty of holes out here but he told me to find one. i then told him i already did find one right here haha. well wouldnt you know this 55 to 60 year old man came chargin into my face and told me it was all he could not to hit me. when someone no matter how old tells me they wanna hit me and cuss me i dont take it to kindly so told him i felt about his sorry ass and how he could hunt on the levee for all i kill but he wasnt gonna hunt within 100 yards of me. then the sob told me he would hold my nose in the mud where i couldnt breathe, said he was that type of person

    I take that as someone threatening to kill me and if i ever see this man again when he has no gun i will beat the piss out of him just sayn two days in a row had to vent
  2. duckpond

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    I wood have shoved that gun up his :censored:

  3. WackinNstackin

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    I'd have invited him to try and hold my nose in the mud!
  4. neotoxo

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    So what was in that hole that was so valuable? Gold, Diamonds?:head:
  5. BDW

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    I wouldn't put up with that crap for all the ducks in the world.
  6. Welcome to public land :clap: I hate it and wont hunt it because of that crap :up: Good luck...:fit:
  7. arcountryboy

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    Let me give you a tip from my younger days, hold your gun's forearm in your left hand, hold the stock in your right hand just like your gonna shoot it, but keep it turned sidways with the barrel pointed left a little above waist height, very quickly bring your right arm up with the stock and at the same time start flipping your gun upside down. If timed correctly the end of the stock should hit him right on the bottom right part of the jaw, if enough force is applied it will render him useless in a fight.

    When I was a teenager I had a guy get in my face while a friend and I were duck hunting BM ( the first and only time I really duck hunted), he then told me he would just get his shotgun and shoot me, I took offense to that and used the above named method, he woke up about 40 seconds or so later and was no longer interested in fighting. We left and found a GW who as far as I know never found him. One reason I dont duck hunt anymore, I am older and belive it or not I am not near as hotheaded as I once was, but those kinds of people bring out the Mr. Hyde in me quick.
  8. doublelung09

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    i been huntin it for ten years and never once been cussed until these last two days. Idk why anyone would get that foulded up over a duck haha
  9. derk8586

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    im guessing a friend of yours that was hunting with u is named Hunter L. hahah. hes a friend of mine. ive heard both of these stories. thats crazy man. the first day worked out good for yall tho i heard. haha.

    when i get to a hole and womeone beat me to it, i go look for another hole. not go (deleted) with people. next time just put a head whoopin on his sorry azz and do us all a favor.:punch:
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  10. derk8586

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    x2 u sound like me and my buddies. :up:
  11. BIG DOG

    BIG DOG Well-Known Member

    where was your gun?

    i'd have (and done it b-4) cycled 1 through the chamber and told him the next 1 has his name on it, they tend to back off when your hands are on your weapon and their weapon is slung over their shoulder:fit:
  12. doublelung09

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    yea derk i thought me and ol hunter was gonna have to hurt the old man lol
  13. doublelung09

    doublelung09 Member<br>2012 Turkey Hunting Contest Winner<br>20

    all our weapons where sittin on a log bout 30 feet behind us with empty chambers lol...i guess a mistake i wont make agian
  14. derk8586

    derk8586 Well-Known Member

    thats crazy man. i may have hunted with u before. i hunted with him a few times down there a few years ago with another one of his buddies. my buddy was dating his sister at the time. i guess ill be over there in the morning. not up where ur headed tho. gunna walk in i guess and see what its all about. ready to kill some in the timber.
  15. doublelung09

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    yea derk if im thinking of the same thing you are someone got a ticket that day...?
  16. derk8586

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    naw that was my buddy Jason. i was the other guy. i figured that was you. crazy. small world
  17. derk8586

    derk8586 Well-Known Member

    pm sent double lung
  18. bigmac7825

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    Old man would have been pretty cold and wet when he walked out of there. If someone gets within an arms length of me while being aggressive they are getting stepped back a bit. Him being old like you say a good push and his old rear woulda been soppin wet and heading to the truck. Good job holding your composure.
  19. green_head_getter

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    I love duck hunting but I don't understand that crap. Go scout the place and know the area your hunting. If someone beats you to the hole, know where more are and find another. I just don't understand some people. An old man at that. He should know better
  20. duinbb

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    Boy there are sure a bunch of internet tough guys/Tyson wannabe's that hang around here...

    Who "if it was them" would whoop some azz... :fit::fit::fit:

    You boys better be careful what old man you grab up or you will be like that young dude on the youtube video who jumped on the old man on the bus and ended up needing a "bambalance" :thumb: