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Bed cover for 07+ Silverado/Sierra crew short bed *

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I got this when I got the truck but upgraded to a camper shell. It is "undercover" brand and I have all of the parts and keys. Really strong lid.

Only fits the short bed on the Crew cab model from 07 to current.

$450 or maybe a trade for something. 10/22 or maybe a 22 pistol of some flavor or something.

Here is some info on them.

Land vehicle Pickup truck Vehicle Car Truck bed part


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It is solid black. It is a plastic type cover but very strong. The link above shows the quality ot the lid.
Cleared out my PMs now. Sorry about that.
Still have it. I'll be out of pocket next week so please send a PM so I will know to get back to you.
Still have the bed cover. Here are some photo links to it.

Top (needs to run through the carwash, but in great shape.) -
Underside -

Brackets and keys are included.

I'll go $400 on it. Takes 15 minutes to put it on. Surely someone needs this as bad as I need to get it out of my yard.
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